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  1. Hey fellas, Enjoy your videos, but have to disagree with you on the plastic post, reason: we have a lot of whitetail deer here in southern Ohio and when they hit that electric wire they usually will break 2,3 and sometimes 4 of those plastic post by the time they move out of the field, I had to go fiberglass, plastic is cheaper but replacing them all the time is not. Thanks for the videos 👍.

  2. That fence posts is junk, and reel is too slow to wind in. I Recommend Gallagher Geared Reel and Pig tail or Ring top Posts.

  3. I have a 100 acre farm in PA. Next year would like to start grazing a few cows. My perimeter fences are non-existent or barbed wire in poor condition. What do you guys recommend for perimeter fencing?

  4. Polytape is a great idea for rotational grazing… So when you rotationally graze, do you still have a barbwire perimeter fence somewhere? We are in the process (long process) of figuring out how to get beef cattle on our property and to rotationally graze and fencing is one of the biggest learning challenges we are anticipating.

    I also like the tip about using plastic vs fiberglass. I was on the fence on which type of post to use and now I will go with plastic.

  5. Alright so you have this polytape, how do you hook it up? Can you hook it up when part of it is still rolled up?

  6. I use extension cord reels as well. The problem I have is they take a lot of cranking if you have much to wind in. I am thinking about dishing out the extra money to buy an actual poly reel. Some of the good one crank 3:1 ratio. They run around $70 each though.

    Also I used poly tape for about a week when I started grazing and then I switched to poly wire. I think the poly tape collects to much moisture when it rains then it starts to sag. The poly wire is small enough it does seems to collect any moisture and there is no sagging. I have had a couple of issues with deer running over poly wire but found after they realized they would get shocked the problem stopped. Haven't had anymore deer issues in months.

    I am curious does Troy milk the cattle? If so are they brought from milk house back to pasture? I was working on a grass fed dairy farm. They fed hay to the cattle during the day so they didn't have to take the cows out to pasture just to bring them back for 2nd milking. I always thought that was strange. Shouldn't grass fed dairy cows eat actually grass? Wouldn't grass make better milk than hay? I no longer work on the dairy farm and am managing a grass fed beef farm now but am still curious about grass fed dairy.

    John I must say I have enjoyed these video with you and Troy. You guys click well together. Thanks

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