Power Taekwondo: Front Kick Tutorial

Power Taekwondo: Front Kick Tutorial

okay guys today we are going to be working on the Taekwondo front kick now this is not the push kicker stomp kick version I've already sent out tutorials check my others this one is the basic front kick the first kick you learn in your Taekwondo training it's a very easy kick it's very simple to learn doesn't take a long time to master the front kick is an important stepping stone into learning the more advanced techniques now the front kick is really only most effective when it's used for the groin or against an opponent who is lean forward or standing upright but has their head laying down significantly why because this kick strikes from an upward angle it's not forward like a push kick it's upward your striking area for this kick if you're going to the groin you're going to point your foot down and strike with the top of your instep okay you can also bring the toes up and strike with the ball but the best way for the groin is point the foot now for anywhere else on the body of the head you're going to point your foot but lift your toes you're striking with the ball of the foot okay right here keep your foot as tight as possible bend your toes up as far as they can go when we strike we strike with the ball now just like the round kick there are many variations of the basic front kick there's too many to do in this tutorial so I'll just touch on the basic front leg and back leg variations so first we'll start with feet back leg step one you're going to slightly pivot your front foot out and raise your knee okay now you're going to have to shift your weight over your supporting foot otherwise you're going to follow this slip your supporting leg is going to be bent slightly you don't want to be too much but you don't want to be like – you want to have a slight bend in your knee now for step two we are going to push our hip forward we're not going to stand square like this okay we're going to push the hip forward and then from this position we're going to rotate the foot a little bit more till until it reaches about 45 degrees and then we are going to thrust our hip forward with this kick we get back set it down now the rear foot is very important if you don't turn your rear foot you're not going to be able to keep your balance as you thrust your hip forward that's why after we've done step one when we do step two we're going to pivot our front foot out just a little bit more till it's about 45 degrees so from a side view step one raise the knee and step two when you throw the kick you're going to pop your hip forward and rotate your supporting foot 45 degrees forget that now from here we can either set it down in front of us okay and throw another kick the other leg or we can simply bring it back to our original stance so one version would be Shh back the other would be set it down fast motion one thing people have a bad habit of doing is when they throw the kick they pop it before they fully extend so they're already retracting before they even get that full extension through they're just going to get this flicking motion not going to do any damage don't be in such a rush to retract your leg the power comes from the chamber to never from the chamber from chambering from your opponent does not add any power to your strike all it does is bring your leg back faster for the front leg it's the exact same concept step 1 we're simply raising the front leg and step 2 we are going to pop the hip and kick forward and then drop it down back where it was if you want you can add a shuffle or a slide with the front leg front kick all it is is back leg goes forward front foot follows the same distance back foot stays at a 45-degree angle front foot stays pointing forward your hips will stay one area they may turn slightly forward but they'll never face the other direction during the shuffle shuffle is like this okay all we're doing is throwing a shuffle in before our front kick for the front leg shuffle for the basic variation we're just going to step instead of jumping with the shuffle real simply step kick if your target is standing vertically okay it means you straight up he's not leaning forward make sure to thrust your hip forward if not your kick is just going to graze okay they might even smash your toes or pin them all weird injure yourself so when you kick pop the hip forward now if your opponent is leaning forward it's going to make it even easier to front kick because it matches that upward angle also for the face it will make it easier to connect underneath the chin or if his head's down to the nose now the front kick is the most basic kick okay it doesn't pack a lot of power but if you use it properly it can be effective think of your front kick as a body jab as far as a kick is concerned or think of it as a long-range uppercut

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  1. what if the fighter is much taller or shorter then you?
    how do you make the front kick work to your advantage?

  2. Thanks man this really helps. 3 years ago I took taekwondo for 6 months but it was too expensive. Your videos are really helpful.

  3. I love the steps that you break down for those who don't know what they are doing. After practice with your round kick tutorial I can actually make impact where I pick and push some force into it. THANKS! You should be a Google helper!

  4. I would argue that pulling your leg back quickly is just as important as the kick its self. For the fact that when balancing on one leg you are always at a significant disadvantage unless you have some sort of almost inhuman balance like say a B.J. Penn.

  5. disculpa que te de la contra…. pero esta mal! no debes bajar la guarda el momento que das las dor primeras muestras de patadas en el video… las dos primeras… estan completamente mal… no te lo digo por criticar ni nada pero podrias mejorar tu guardia… debes aferrarte al piso y no mover los brazos…. un concejo y me sirvio el video… SUPER BUENO LE DOY UN LIKE

  6. Wow what an amazing fighter, highly effective and extremely entertaining to watch!

    I noticed he puts his hips into the front kick at a slight diagonal so it has more power and gets a good angle on the liver kick!

    Yea I agree much less power the flicky way, I see what you mean this kick is a great mix of power, speed, economy of motion, and its non telegraphic, semi schilt uses it to the ribs and it still KOs people lol.

    Really appreciate you Hankthejollyspoon! Thanks friend!

  7. No problem, it annoys me to no end when people do a 'snap kick' and ruin the kinetic linking by doing a super exaggerated chamber and knee raise, and just flick the foot in and out with a stupid little flick of the knee, produces very little power, damages the joints and is essentially useless, getting hit in the sternum or the solar plexus with a proper front kick is no joke, look up Katsunori Kikuno, a Kyokushin and MMA fighter with a nasty mae/sankaku/mawashi geri mixup, he's a genius with it

  8. Silva used a textbook snap kick. it only appeared to 'push' because he put his hips into the kick, indeed, even though the knee should unfold in a semi-circular path, the arc of the kick itself will be at a diagonally upward and forward angle and trajectory.

  9. This kick is called Mae Geri Keage. Mae is front, Geri (Keri) is kick, and keage implies an upwards snapping or flicking motion. This motion is in regards to the flicking (for a snap kick) or piston motion (for a thrust kick) of the knee of the kicking leg, there should be a flex in the support leg, for knee safety, and a twist and thrust of the hips, for power, in both a thrusting and snapping front kick,

  10. Im not sure if you saw Anderson Silva KO Vitor with this Kick but he appeared to put a push forward at the end of the kick so it kinda looked like it was a hybrid of the front kick and the push kick. Will this ruin the upwards momentum of the front kick if I do this? Is there anyway to land it to the chin if the opponent is perfectly vertical or leans back out of the way?

  11. Thanks 🙂 I already do breakdance and basketball so im not going to go in taekwondo lol xd But im fighting better because of youtube videos and my boksing bag

  12. I had a similar problem. I started walking on the ball of my foot everywhere. I have no idea if this helped or with time my toes got more flexible. I also have foot problems which is why I couldn't do it before, but I can now. One of the masters at my school said that you can strike with the heel, however it's very hard to do one powerfully without it being a push kick. Or simply use it as a distraction, not using it full force so you don't break your toes. Of course it won't do any real damage.

  13. I can't fully roll my toes up to expose the ball of my foot. I have very little dexterity in my toes. How do I fix that so I can use the kick without breaking my toes?

  14. when i front kick, the pinky toe separates from the other toes. it goes too far out. is this a problem and what would you recommend to fix this???

  15. I never thought of angling me punch bag like that, my front kicks are pants and because me bag flies all over the shop when I practice my front/side kicks I can't get the technique right. Cheers dude!!!

  16. Thx for the tutorial, kwonkicker, this really helped me. I'm currently practicing Ashihara Karate and I was looking for a tutorial for this kick. It's weird I've found one for tkd but oh well, it is exactly the same kick. It is very true when you say that this kick is difficult to master… my master said that he managed to do it very well from around 2-1 kyu… and that is very far D:
    So I guess it is gonna take some time till I do this properly… :

  17. I have a question when I do a front kick, I have to pull my toes back without pointing my toe, like a Side Kick, If I point my toe and lift my toes back I strike with the toe and that hurts, for me striking with ball off foot requires pulling toes back

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