Premier One Electric Fencing – One Year Review // Old vs New Solar Energizers & Gates

Premier One Electric Fencing – One Year Review // Old vs New Solar Energizers & Gates

this video is probably going to be a little bit long and maybe a little bit boring compared to most our videos but it's an informational video and it might help you if you're considering getting electric fencing I want to give a shout out to porcupine ranch because he was keeping up with me and our YouTube video comments and was reminding me that I was supposed to make a video and I think I said I was going to so here it is and again this what probably won't have all the fun exciting stuff with the kids and maybe some entertaining music or animals it's mostly just talking about premiere one electric fencing and getting down to brass tacks so here you go it is my favorite time of the day in summertime what time of the day is that the evening time when the Sun starts to go behind those trees and the shade shoots out all the way to about you can see out here the shade ends right about there and over in the dog area that's my favorite time the evening why because you're not cooking outside like a piece of pork well piece of pork in my case so one of our subscribers porcupine ranch had asked me to do a kind of like a one-year follow-up on our premiere one electric fencing what we think about it pros and cons I'm just gonna try to do a quick video not a lot of cuts and just go over some of the things off the top of my head about the fencing what I like maybe some things I don't like and things I've learned from using it okay cut action the very first time we purchased our fencing we purchased it in Florida before we moved to Arkansas to begin our homesteading journey our farming journey and we made a huge mistake because I was a little naive about how actually rocky the soil up here is and so in Florida we have this amazing soft soil that people probably totally take for granted the fencing I bought in Florida was the Hong Kong it was a step in to spike and it was really great for Florida topsoil but up here no way nightmare and I remember how miserable I was the first time I put that fence in it was right before we were about to get our breeding pair of American guinea hogs and I had to go around get down on one knee and bang in every set of spikes with a dead blow hammer it was not worth I'm like thinking okay this is not gonna work for us I'm not doing this every time I have to move the fence so then I called premiere one I did a little research and it turns out what I should have gotten was the single spike drivable post you know it's drivable because it has a brown cap and this is thicker than premier ones standard fibreglass post I don't know the exact diameter but it's pretty stout a pretty nice stout post and it even has a longer and slightly thicker steel spike at the bottom and man even in this rocky soil you just find a good spot and weigh them on it with a dead blow hammer and you're in there it's good every once in while I find a spot where I'm like you know I'm hammering into a huge rock where there's no give and I have to move a little bit but I mean that's pretty rare nine times out of ten I can get it in there so one thing I really like the drivable post hands down I would take that over the step-in post any day but that depends on the type of soil you have on your property okay that's the first thing the second thing is the first fence I got had post every six feet this fencing has post every 1213 ish feet you know it's supposed to be I believe every 12 feet but when you go to measure it seems more like it's closer to 13 feet so just keep that in mind but I think if you go on the website it will say twelve feet so here's what happens now you have less post to put in that's a plus like that even if I'm driving them less means less work right the only thing is you'll get a little more sag well how do you deal with that you can buy their alternative post they have which are like support post or thicker fiber bus posts just to help support your fence I don't want to go that route and I didn't think was necessary what I do I have these posts that are kind of like T posts I don't actually have any T posts on my property except maybe a few on the fence line but this is what's called a u post and they're very common in like parking lot signs and I love these posts just a quick tidbit they actually drive just as good if not easier than T post and they're just as strong and extremely versatile because of these holes I've done all kinds of creative things using these holes in the posts I really really like them a lot so what I do to combat sagging in the fence is I like to drive one of these in every corner and then just use some of the strings that come with the fencing to pull it taut now over time this can cost some of your poles to have curves and bends in them but it's not drastic enough to really cause a problem and it doesn't bother me every time I put a fence up I like it to be taught I like the top line whoa we're just got shot I like the top line to be as high as possible another thing I need to address with you these fences tend to lose their I guess the words continuity or their strength when grass is growing up and touch them so this would be an area I need to come clean up there's lots of different ways you can clean up around your electric fence you can actually take it up out of the ground move it mow that spot and put it back which I feel like is a lot of work you can pick it up move it string trim it you can string trim next to the fence and not move it if you're brave but here's the thing you do risk damaging your fence with that string trimmer now me being the lazy hopes that I am I have the new pushing string trimmer that we use and I have found because that's on wheels I can get it really close to the fence and keep it very stable because I'm not holding it up in the air and using my arms to try to it's stable because it's sitting on wheels on the ground and I can actually string trim or what some people call weed whack really really close to the fence the sections of fencing you'll see here see these two clips when you join a section together there's like a main line that comes to the top where all the lines that make up your fence come into one bundle they go to that clip then when you're attaching two sections of fencing together you clip those clips together and now it sends that current all the way through your your next section I always bought two sections at a time there hundred foot sections and I believe they're actually if you get to measure like a hundred and four feet but they're hundred foot sections and I always bought two so they gave me two hundred linear feet of fencing and what that allows you to do is that allows you to make a roughly 2500 square foot paddock I also like to use the gates and I'll go over that in a second a lot of people you'll see do not use the gates because they don't you'll see like Justin Rhodes he'll just hop over his fence well justin has his way that he likes doing the fences and he's comfortable with and so the top isn't that firm so you can just kind of push down and go right over I like to keep the top of my fence really taut by using those u posts and so when you pull it really taut you can't go over it as easily I feel any way without stretching it out so I always use a gate when I set mine up that's just my preference a lot of other people don't use them and that's fine it's whatever works for you durability after having this fencing for a year and mowing around it weed racking around it moving it kids messing with it animals touching it rocks hitting it all kinds of hazardous things have it into your plastic fence because let's be honest it's plastic with metal filaments or if you want to be fancy I think it's a type of UV stable polyethylene it is holding up really well one year into it the fiberglass posts so no sign of deterioration the fence strands show no sign of deterioration the only thing I have is in a couple of spots near the bottom and I don't have any to show you right now I don't know how but in a few of my fencing panels I have broken a bottom line but is very easy to fix when you buy your fencing from premiere one they'll give you a little kit and in that kit it comes with some repair materials to make repairs and your fences I'm not even sure I don't think I've taken the time to even repair this view because they're so minor they're not really affecting the performance of the fence and also the reason for that is because the bottom line the very bottom line the black line is not electrified so keep that in mind we're over here by the dogs area now because I want to show you the differences between one of their older model solar Energizer's and one of the newer model ones this is one of their older model solar Energizer's and it's the PRS I 50 and this one the output on this is half a Joule now I can't I don't know all the scientific and technological explanation of the Joule although normally I would know something like that but basically the Joule is a measurement that tells you how powerful the output on your fence is going to be and then also people use that measurement to determine how long of electrified fence they can run so there's there's a caveat to that because not all electric fences have the same amount of line running and then to electrify so for example all the fences that we use our poultry net 48 inch poultry net fencing well they have a lot more strands that are electrified running through them then say a two-foot pig fence as gonna have like a third of the strands running through it then the electric then the chicken one does so with pig fencing like for example I'm doing 200 linear feet on this one solar energizer with pig fencing you could probably do I don't know for 800 linear feet on the same energizer I could be wrong but I'll tell you this premiere one has excellent information on their website describing to you what you can use how far to work it's very simple very clean and clear cut and not only that but the the service that you get when you call them if you tell them what you want to do is excellent but now these Energizer's have worked great even through the winter I have never ever had to charge want charge 1 I've never had to charge one they come with a port on them somewhere back here yes they come with a port so you can hook up a DC adaptor and plug them into an outlet and charge them in case you're not getting enough Sun to keep it charged I have never ever had to do it in the whole year that I've had these I've always had and even here in the Ozarks in North Arkansas even to the winter believe it or not we made it through never having to charge them always had a green light so right here you'll see it tells you battery test green light means good you're you're pretty full on your battery if you get red and green blinking that means you're kind of in the danger zone your battery is getting low and you should consider charging it if you're getting straight red blinking that means your battery's dead and you need to charge it immediately and also more than likely if it's that low you've probably damaged your battery and your battery you know may not be the same as it was a few things I don't like about a one they said I believe on their website that a European manufacturer was making this for them one it's you can see it's quite sun-bleached okay two it is also have some mildew or mold growing on it and and I know that there's manufacturing methods and plastics that will keep that from happening who won't keep this bleaching out from happening and keeping this mildew from growing so that's something that they probably should have considered going into that too these stickers are starting to peel off I really like when plastic products have stuff engraved into them information and grave into them so there's no way it can wear off or go away now I know some things that are colored for example like the lights they couldn't do that but they could put on their green light red light both at the same time you know all this information should be engraved in the plastic so it's permanent and can never fade away so these stickers are starting to peel off the plastic is fading there's mildew on it but how does it work well it still works great it's still charging and I haven't had a problem with it so other than that the only issues I have with the solar energizer is that I bought which was the PRS I fifty 1/2 a Joule is that it's just starting to look ugly the light's still function the buttons still functions this light right here is actually the button so you see a blinking green I also have to do is come push that no more blinking the fence is off right now matter of fact see this I'd be getting quite a shock right now so I'll show you a few details about how these work oh all right so it's not it's DC not AC so you have a positive and a negative but the way these work you kind of have two different options you can do like what would be called like a positive and negative fence so I can't remember they have a word for I camera what it is or you can do a positive and a ground which electrified is your fence now here's the thing when you buy one of these it will come with a special grounding rod and I don't use that because I'm already putting these posts at every corner and I like it up on the post high off the ground instead of low on the grass see a lot of people always put them low on the grass I don't like it low on the ground I'm afraid I'm gonna hit it or kick it or hit it with the mower or the kids are gonna knock it over I like it up in the air I've never had one blow over and some crazy wind storms we've had all kinds of stuff never had one blow over I've never had one struck by lightning oddly enough but that's always in the back of my mind but it's never happened so anyway you got your negative or your ground terminal over here and your positive or your hot turtle over here and the way I run mine is this ground it's clamped to the steel you post which is driven probably about a foot into the ground if not more and this positive or hot comes all the way over here to the clips and you can see I have the gate clipped into the fence and energizes the whole thing also they come with these little handy signs that tell you're gonna get electrocuted in three different languages a lot of languages what else let's talk about the gates I also have like I told you I have one of the older model solar Energizer's and one of the newer ones actually I also have older model gate hot gate and a newer model one so I'll show you the different notes this is one of the older ones and this is called the poultry net hot gate and they do actually have a few different models of these but I'm just trying to stay consistent here every piece of fence thing I have is poultry net which is their smallest size so I just wanted to go with the same size gate the way this works is you get a special on the older model you get a special latching post with a handle that you drive into the ground next to the end of your fence and these are four foot wide and then this hand will provide you a place to clip and latch the handle that's on the gate also down here there's a little holder that you put the end of the fence or the end of the gate post in and that locks the bottom in secure and this locks the top and secure this portion of the gate like a hinge and you also drive this little post in the ground this was a flaw they made in these gates over on this side of the gate it's a very very thin flimsy post and it has a spike on it honestly the spike on that is not even necessary and I even considered at one point just cutting it off because all you have to do is just take this post and tie it real good – your last fence post or zip tie it and it's not going anywhere it gives you one less post to drive and not to mention the fact like I'm saying this thing is so thin and flimsy that you can't drive it good but you can it's still usable okay it still it still performs its function it acts as a hinge so this is what the gate hinges off of and you come over here I always grab it like this I use my thumb to undo this little latch clip mechanism okay I undo it like that and then down here you pull up and out of that hole see that up and out okay and that's it you open your gate you step in and stick that back in the hole and latch this up here whammo okay now some other a few other things about the gates I really do like the gates overall and they're extremely helpful extremely functional I'm not tearing up this fence every time I want to get in here I'm not having to heave my giant legs up over the fence while I'm carrying stuff just in and out simple convenient but there are some flaws one the way they've decided to go around these posts with the fencing crates binds sometimes like it's not perfectly smooth this this fiberglass pole it's not perfectly smooth and it's not like it's lubricated so what happens is this starts kind of binding up around the pole and every one of them right now should look like this but see how some of them are starting to kind of turn cocci it's not a big deal but what it does is it will mess you up sometimes when you're trying to latch this correctly I see like right here see how this is putting a harsh angle on this it shouldn't be like that it should be nice and straight like this and matter of fact if you look real close it's actually broken one of the little whoa shock again it has broken one of the metal filament in the fence it's got another name I can't think of it anyway see that one's broke that's not good okay that that can cause problems down the road further on the fence now there's many many of these so that reduces your chances of having problems they're kind of some redundancy built in but see that one's broke the reason it's broke is because this is keeps wanting to turn this way because those strands get in the bind because they can't pivot smoothly around the fence so it's almost like there should have been some sort of plastic pivoting bushing that slides real smooth around the fence whenever you use this post meaning whenever you adjust the fence this way or that way to get in and out so that's a little fall but it's not the end of the world it still works it's just a little something that you know that that an engineer could could correct I think I covered everything on the gate the the older-style gate the gate will absolutely shock you once it's connected it's just as hot as the rest of the fence and will light you up so you got to be careful especially if the animals near the gate you're opening it out towards them a matter of fact I do that intentionally with the chicken sometimes if they're near the gate I use the gate as a means to push them back I don't just hit them with it but as soon as I see it coming out and they're like whoa I'm out of here so that's the old gate the old-style solar energizer but the fence is still the same I just bought some fencing recently and it's the exact same as the kind I bought before also real quick I might have mentioned earlier but this is the the string that they give you for tying your fence and I think this is also some sort of like polyester or polyethylene string and they give you a bunch of it when you order your fence and you can use that to tie sections of fencing together tie your corners to your posts so you can get your fence nice and taut like I have mine all the way around so that's something that's included I mean they pretty much honestly if you order a solar energizer and you order a fence everything is in the box that you could possibly need to set that bad boy up now I will tell you they do have solar energizer kits that will come with your solar energizer a tester and a couple other things I can't remember those are really beneficial when you're new to the fence you know you need to test it regularly to see how much voltage you're getting on each strand and and it helps you detect where there's any problems in the fence but I do recommend getting the solar energizer kit I've actually gotten that I think every time I order one so I actually have two or three of those testers in case the kids ever lose one or one gets broken here is the newer solar energizer now just real quick right out of the box I wasn't happy with this as soon as I open it up saw it because I really liked the old style other than what I complained about saying that it's got a little Sun bleached and the plastics growing a little mildew and the labels are coming off I really like the all-in-one the built-in handle super easy okay this one is a little bulkier a little clunkier but you know I I'm trying to be I'm trying to reserve too much judgment because I haven't had it that long this one right here the output on this one is is 3/4 of a Joule so it's like point seven two point seven five and this model is the solar and tell us and tell us sixty it actually replaces the PRS I 50 and it's a little more powerful well supposed to be I don't have any way to measure same principle but just a different design it still has your two terminals here to connect your wires to your positive and your negative or your hot in your ground depending how you wire your fence and a same same exact way took up here I also use my post driving the ground as what I hang it on something I forgot to mention earlier when you order a solar energizer if you like to put it on a post like I do it will come with adapter this one just like the old one although I didn't show you it is already out of the box built to go on a tee post right here I don't know if you can see it good you see this adapter this adapter is actually for other style post or even you posts like mine it fits on there and it gives you a big rigid plastic top that's like a tee post okay and this slides on there so a couple things about this one the new one this plastic casing this black plastic casing feels and seems a lot flimsier than the blue plastic the blue plastic is a little more soft and that doesn't sound right but it's a it seems like a thick softer plastic and softer plastic I don't know what it's tomato but it just tends to feel not so brittle and like it could take a little more abuse which this stuff is gonna take being outside all time this plastic does not feel like that so the reason I say that is is because I originally put a tee post here an actual real tea post I only have one or two real tea posts that all my other posts are you post so I could slide it on the tee post without the adapter well you know when you take a tee posted and reuse it a few times by driving it in with the steel post driver the top of it gets a little bit warped and it's not as crisp smooth a cut on that steel it's a little bit a little warped well this had no wiggle room for a slightly bent or warped post and I don't mean bent like you know built like I mean like the top from pounding it in the top was just a tiny bit wider than the T shape it should have been so there's no wiggle room in this if you want to slide this directly on T post it better be a brand new fresh T post from the store so that I already didn't like I was kind of irritated with it other one the older model would slide right on there and you didn't feel like it was gonna break this plastic as I was trying to slide it down the t-post felt like it was gonna crack so I didn't like that so I went ahead and put a u post here swapped it out put the adapter on put it on here it's fine but it is a little bit bulkier it seems a little bit heavier but I think it still functions the same it also seems to me that the solar panel is a little bit bigger okay one thing that's interesting that I don't know if I'm gonna use or take advantage of but the newer one you can do is it gives you it molded in the plastic just I like I was talking about earlier this is how stuff should be on plastic it shouldn't be labels or decals or paint it should be molded in the plastic it gives you degrees and you can adjust these knobs on both sides and change the angle at which your panel sits well that's extremely helpful if you're trying to keep your battery with the most charge as possible generating the most powerful as possible depending on the season and the angle of Sun right now I have it at the you know the lowest possible angle it could be at because it's summertime but in the wintertime you can start adjusting it to where it comes down and forward more and more and more as the Sun gets lower in the sky in the winter so that is a neat little feature how durable it is and how it'll hold up if I start to mess with that feature I don't know but overall the new model is here it's working it looks like it has a larger solar panel it looks to me the battery might be a little bit larger or better or better but so far with the casing and just the new design I'm not that impressed they said on their website that this one their wonderment they're making now is with a German manufacturer which immediately the me says quality but I'm not seeing that difference I don't see it at all III do prefer the old design better over the new but I think the new probably works just as good if not better here is the new style gate and you can see the gate looks the exact same except what do we have over here Oh somebody started thinking instead of that skinny little flimsy post at the end for the hinge post we have a nice big thick black drivable post with a brown cap let me tell you that was a lot more useful and easier even though if you're in my opinion if you're connecting this to a piece of fence you don't need a post at all like that you could just have some sort of post that you strap to the existing post but this is much nicer much higher quality easy to drive in it was a good move by premiere to upgrade that over here you know I'm the jury's still out on this one they changed the latch mechanism so you remember over there was a little clip around the handle well now what they've done is they've given you a longer thicker drivable post which is great see how long it is and they've changed the post in this – I think it's a little thicker but this handle mechanism is a weird latch so let me show you what I do I pull this ok towards the handle and then you slide up on the handle and it's not foolproof ok there we go I got it to unlatch but let me tell you what's happened already a couple of times I'm going to pull that off this brown driveable cap has come off so I'm actually gonna need to glue this on here to get that to stay put so the way this latch works is you slide up on it to unlock it from the post you slide down to lock it back on the post it has the same little device at the bottom it's just slightly different looking but it's the same principle you just stick the end of the fence post in there to lock the bottom of it if you do it right you lock the bottom in there then you take this fence post this post over here that you driven in next to the end of your fence you take this slide that on there till it locks now you might be thinking yourself Oh what about this gap Matthew this looks like a cat could get through there well I can and if that bothers you like it has me sometimes when we were wondering or worried about what was eating our ducks you could take a string when you're not going in the gate at night and tie that and pull pull those two posts together talk why is it doing that it's doing that because I like to pull my fence taught at the corners by tying strings to the post so because I got tension all the way around every corner of my post it causes them in some places to do this and Bo doesn't bother me I don't think it causes a problem and when we were losing our ducks I think we found out it was some sort of hawk or owl doing it at night it didn't have anything to do with this this very small gap and honestly all of these along this post are electrified so if something decided that was going to try to squeeze through there it's more than likely going to rub one of those and get a nice shot one more thing I haven't covered and this probably end up being a longer video than I wanted but one of our subscribers porcupine ranch said they really wanted an update and I want to give them a thorough update cuz they're considering buying it and so when someone's considering buying something you know you you really want to know everything about it it's not a super cheap investment the most important thing that I was scared about with dispensing but turned to be for naught was winter time so like I told you our Energizer's state charge all winter never had any of them die that's a huge plus the second thing is a lot of people say oh you got a watch out for the snow in the freezing rain and your fence could collapse and it says that a premier ones website well I will tell you this we had a lot of freezing rain and we had snow I never had any of these get over overloaded with frozen rain or ice on them I never had the snow or anything knock him over did it make them less effective in the shock department it might have but honestly there's not a whole lot you can do about that if the shocks gonna be weaker because it's covered with snow and ice it's just gonna be but over over all through our winter time here in North Arkansas which was the most severe weather I've ever been through for a winter it they did fantastic and we had no problems with them and we couldn't be more pleased we're super happy with our investment as you can see we've bought many of them I have a bunch of it going around the chickens and duck I've surrounded my entire garden with it I'm rotating my dogs in it and there will probably be more of it for us in the future it's holding up good it looks good it works well and it's it's actually it actually is easy to move but with that being said I will float through in one last caveat if you're planning to rotate your animals using this fencing on pasture it is a lot of work when you see people who do it on a regular basis especially if you're watching it in a quick video that's not even giving you the hint of a taste of how much work it is to do it that's why we have decided that I'm not going to rotate the chickens on pasture anymore and that may sound terrible I'm gonna bring the pasture to them it's actually easier for me to mow bring plant scraps and bag clippings and all that sort of stuff to bring them green than it is to rotate them on green it's a lot of work when you're working a full-time job so I hope I answered all your questions I hope I went over and annoyingly ridiculous detail to help you come to a decision on whether or not it's something you'd be interested in vesting in premier 1 is an excellent company they make an excellent product everyone always has area for improvement and you know I think it was a good decision for us I don't think we would have the animals we have here if it wasn't for this fencing maybe you're like us the property you bought doesn't have very good fencing our property is huge and it has terrible old five line barbed wire fencing with cedar posts because it used to be an old cow pasture and we hopefully one day we'll be able to change all the fencing on our entire property that's almost 30 acres and start divvying off paddocks with field fencing to start rotating beautiful flock of goats or sheep or whatever we decide to do but it till then thank you for me r1 for giving us some good fencing and I hope this helps you if you like our videos please someone told me in our comments that I needed to do a better job of post notification shoutouts so here's my first attempt I see people do all the time please like share and subscribe if you could do that that would help us and if you like our videos and you watch them we appreciate you and we hope you'll tune in for our next video thanks for watching

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    Do you happen to know if that energizer device would work as a kind of portable solar/battery pack to provide power (if you made up your own wiring) while camping?

  15. A lot of good information on electric fencing. Hope you have a Happy Fathers Day! Have a Blessed Day Friends!

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  18. Very nice review. I liked you specified how you did your fencing, but offered the instructions way as well.

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