25 Replies to “Premier One Electric Netting Fence and Charger Setup For Goats – 8K Volts!”

  1. Part of growing up as a boy is some time in your life is to pee on an electric fence. It's part of learning. Yes i grew up on a farm with an electric fence and all the boys learn more than once.

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  3. Do you charge the charge electrically at the electrical outlet? Am thinking of getting the charger but am not sure how do you charge it before putting it outdoors. I’ve the fence but no charger.

  4. Just a small maybe useless tip, in some areas my Premier One Fencing doesn't stand up properly.  To combat this, I went to my local Tractor Supply store, went to their electric fence section and bought a few of their plastic posts, each cost less than two bucks. Youngings will jump the fence if they see it sagging.

  5. I am going to be buying Premier One electric poultry netting and wondering if it works during winter in the snow. Preparing for chickens next spring.

  6. I have seen in your other videos that you have access to a small stream. Have you considered a micro hydro generator?

  7. That's what my daughter needs with her goats. All 3 of them jump her fence daily.At least they don't go anywhere. I guess the grass is greener on the other side…LOL. AND they jump back in when they come out to get them…. can't ask for anything more. Thanks for sharing. Going to the Premier website to check them out. Take care.

  8. I was happy to see this as this fencing is what we are considering, and I have all their catalogs already, for our chickens. we got a bit carried away with getting baby chicks this spring , so have about 40 chickens of varying ages.

  9. I had electric fencing around my cows. My daughter used to (after I showed her how) would take someone by the hand to "show" them our fence. While holding their hand she would touch the fence with her other hand and she wouldn't feel it but whomever's hand she was holding would get it! Lmbo, it was so funny cause she was only about 6 years old then and she would get these big tough boys that came over like my brother that just never expected it. Of course though she never did that to smaller children but it was just a little fence zapper like you have. The second one I put up to maintain my bull was a different story, it kicked 4 joules through 100 miles of heavy wet weeds! I didn't have a hundred miles of fence mind you, that was just the rating but I can tell you this, I used to mend the other fence while it was hot using welding gloves. I only tried that once with the new fence!
    I'm thinking about ordering this fence "through" your website. I've never had any experience with netting fencing before. This should be good to contain dogs within certain boundaries also should it not?
    Oh, BTW, I don't want to miss an opportunity to say we love your show!

  10. I am/was thinking about using them after seeing you use them as a perimeter fence around my rabbit pens if I ever get back in rabbits again.  At my peak I had round 150.  I still got the cages.  I had thought about erecting a wire shed around/over the rabbit pens and say 5ft from them, BUT this looks way cheaper.  ONLY THING I SEE IS, the rabbits would be in a clearing in the woods near my barnyard, and id be afraid of small limbs falling down on them and shorting the fence out.

  11. Fence testers sure have changed since I last used one.  Ive got/had 2 of the old type that had a ground wire and a red light.

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