Preparing For A Solo Horse-Riding Journey – What To Take And How To Tie It On..

Preparing For A Solo Horse-Riding Journey – What To Take And How To Tie It On..

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  1. That's so cool I baught my horse to start endurance in Ireland but he was only turning 3 when I got him when he was 5 I spent the whole winter getting him fit for a 10km ride so had him out the night before the ride I went up to feed him at 7pm by 9pm when my husband got off the train he couldn't see him in the field when he called me I said he's there somewhere I still didn't panic because kids had let him out before but the gate was still locked he went to the bog before so I started the search rang the council who could have found him the light if day I found the broken fence and tire marks of what looked like a box been backed in he had been bated after I fed him someone else had been going in after and moving his food but putting the bucket back they backed the box trough the wooden fence and loaded him up that was 3 years ago taken on his bday the same day I bought him we've never heard or seen him again so I won't buy another if I can't keep them safe on my own land pity because I have bog between kildare that could get me as far as athlone without crossing any huge roads and the curragh to ride on …he'd be 8 now God nearly 9 next month so it's 4 years always taught he would be found his breeding has great racehorse so he shouldn't have been hard to find …

  2. Very interested to learn about the telescoping electric fence posts. is there a brand or perhaps a link so I can find them?

  3. Greece is a small country so if I walked non stop with a horse I would de in a city within few hours…I wish there were more landscapes😢…but at least the weather is better😅

  4. Oh i miss having a relationship with a horse. how fabulous to have a resource like you have, to travel on horseback.

  5. no gun? a single woman in the sticks. maybe you can throw your multi tool. oh yeah, the queen protects her subjects

  6. I often am out for a week at a time on horse back checking fences and livestock on our property. May I recommend you familiarise your horse with sideline hobbles. This would save you have to take all that fencing gear.

  7. We always hobble our horses over night when camping out…Cross country travel in this country, Australia, can take several weeks if you want and can spare the time…

  8. English saddle?  Big mistake.  Go western!    Western gear is better &  designed for this kind of an adventure

  9. I was looking for a recipe for Christmas cookies and here I am , watching almost all your videos. I love your way of life !!

  10. can't wait to see how your trip was. I love flora, she's such a pretty, calm horse. I hope you two have fun together.

  11. Looking forward to seeing your trip video. Love all the films I have spent all afternoon watching your exploits.

  12. Wow! I must say that this trip makes me excited! I hope to you can record part of it for us. It would be great to see how Flore enjoy this long trip. I hope both of you having a wonderful time there, and i would like to request more cooking videos, with your delicious verger. It's something that particularly like in your channel.
    Have a beautiful week!
    Regards from Chile.

  13. My wife and I LOVE your videos and example. We live in Eastern WA State USA and love our life in the country. I wish you both and all your animals all the best! I sincerely respect your ingenuity, care and empathy for others (both Human and Animal). Let's have you both run to be our next President and Vice President – as you both are WAY better than the choice we currently have to make in November! LOL!!! All the Best!

  14. What a wonderful adventure you will have with Flora! Just wondering – why doesn't Tim come along on your journeys? (Bonnie)

  15. my tip for camping, do not eat food or drink. it means that the body is always at the ambiant temp, result no colds or flu or flu while on the camp or when returned.

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