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  1. THANK YOU. Seriously, thank you for not coming on here and telling people to soak their fence with bleach, or dig in with a red tip until it’s clean, or any of the other ridiculous advice I’ve seen here. Thorough explanations and a way of cleaning that is actually good for the wood. Well done, sir!

  2. Hey Doc !
    How did you mix your 1 gallon of 30 second cleaner you carry on your pressure washer ?
    I’m about to clean mine n got the same pressure washer

  3. Dude that was an awesome video, I couldn't find the staining video, did u get a chance to make one? If so can u get me the link please

  4. thanks for another informative video! if only I wasn't too scared to try a power washer 😅. I'll work up to it.

  5. Doc, please talk about your installation of poly at the bottom of a fence to reduce rot. I was surprised to see the jet move it so easily. Does it reduce exposure to wet soil? Does it need to be cleaned off and surrounding grade adjusted so more dirt won't just flow back onto it? How much does it help, in your opinion? …etc. Just discovered you. Fantastic how knowledgeable you are and how well you teach. I wanna just call you "coach!" Thanks a million. Will start buying the stuff you recommend from your web page. YOU DA MAN! …and I'm grateful!

  6. Can you pressure wash deck. Made out of pressure treated pine. With surface cleaner. Or some other way without any issues ?

  7. Nice job,but the most refreshing piece of the VIEDO is how you talk. Your talking to us not at us. Most you tubers sound like there talking out of there hat. They talk down to there target group. And have that my way or hi way adatude. They have a beer in there hand and don’t make sense. I like listening to you,your talking how you would like to be talked to back. Give bullet points no long dragging opinion and it works. They should shoot a commercial with you i it explaining there product.
    Have a blessed and wonderful day,I live on a lake and the homes here are more covered with green than NYC on St. Patrick’s Day. 👍🏻👍🏻🥇

  8. I'm not sure the necessity of using timber cleaner if you are high pressure washing.. let alone two times (before and after)..

  9. AThis is a great video Doc. Power washing a fence is a pain in the a**. Thanks for doing all the research on products and techniques. You have just saved me and your viewers a metric ton of work and headache trying to figure out the process. Like subscribe.

  10. Hello! I absolutely LOVE your videos and can totally relate as I'm also OCD and pressure cleaning to me is very satisfying and therapeutic. I have a Snap on PSI Electric pressure washer of 2000 PSI AND 1.4 GPM. My question is, I want to buy on Amazon a PENSON & CO. 4.0 GPM Turbo Rotary Rotating Nozzle for Pressure Washer 1/4 Quick Connect 5000PSI but are a bit confused if this will be the appropiate Turbo Rotating Nozzle given my machine's 2000 PSI and 1.4 GPM, does that matter or this will work just as well? Thanks so much for your reply, I look forward to same.

  11. Thanks again for all the great info! You briefly mentioned using much lower pressure for decks, do you have a specific psi recommendation for decks and wood siding? I'm thinking for siding I probably want a medium pressure – not too much, but enough to get the job done.

  12. Directions on bottle of 30 second cleaner says, "Hose off thoroughly with water."

    Why are you leaving it on?

    Also, I have read everywhere that you should wait for a fence to dry to under 12 percent moisture before applying stain.

    Seems like you are breaking all the rules, would love your input.

    Directions: https://30secondscleaners.com/pages/cleaner-directions

  13. I assume the final step is a brightening agent? At least I hope. Oxalic or a citralic? If so. Rinse that after in my opinion. Other than that good job on the fence.

  14. great channel and am a new subscriber; thanks for the tips for the fence….it's a task I have to take on this Spring….can't wait to see the staining video (as that, too, is another task I have to knock-out well before the Summer heat arrives).

  15. Sadly amazon doesn't have this model at the 400 available… Only third party and they are charging 579… Bummer.. I was debating between the Ryobi 3,100 PSI 2.5 GPM Honda Gas Pressure Washer with Idle Down and the Generac SpeedWash Cleaning System with Cleaning Tools 3200-PSI 2.7-GPM Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer CARB… Hey Doc… should I wait? Or try to find the Simpson on another site?

  16. Hey Doc i bought the turbo nozzle that you recommended but the only problem is that my pressure washer is a 4200psi pressure washer and this say unto 3100. Can i Still use it with my pressure washer i have a pool to strip the paint off for re-paint, if i cant use this can i use the red tip. You can feel free to email me at [email protected]

  17. I've been looking at my fence thinking I need to clean and re-stain it this fall so this is right on time!! Can't wait to see the staining video. Thanks Doc! 👍🏾👍🏾

  18. I loved how you cleaned the fence. It was very helpful. My question is do you do the same method on a picket fence? Can't wait for how to stain a fence. Thanks!

  19. Doc, what impact does the chemicals you are using on the fence have on grass below and on the other side of the fence?
    P.S. I really appreciate the effort you are taking making these videos.

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