50 Replies to “Pro Wakeboarding POV!!”

  1. Get two boats going opposite ways and then transition from one boat to the other while wakeboarding.

  2. Hey David, I really wanted to start wakeboarding after watching your videos. It looks both really fun and a great source of exercise. My only problem is that I guess I have a fear of lakes or deep water because everytime I see you swimming in the water I get really anxious. Do you have any tips on how to stop that or at least wakeboard in a way that I can overcome my fear. Thanks and loving your videos. Keep doing the great job that you’re doing!

  3. heel back 360 to side tantrum krowmobe swich 540 wihrlibird and i am frome israel so i am sorry abut my english

  4. Dave, really enjoy your vid's! I've learn a lot from you! Do you happen to do any videos about how to set up your boat? Speed, ballistics etc..?? Thanks

  5. 1st. backside 360
    2nd toeside indie backrole
    3rd. skeezer
    4th. switch heel 540
    5th. whirly
    (assuming you ride goofy or switch)

  6. When I watch you videos you most likely use the o'Brien Valhalla wakeboard is it a good wakeboard because I'm think of getting a new one?

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