Proper way to Drive Wire Fence Staples

Proper way to Drive Wire Fence Staples

before you begin make sure you are wearing safety glasses sturdy shoes and gloves stand the fence up against the wood post and staple staple the bottom two wires and every other wire going up be sure to also staple the top wire do not drive the staples in tight allow some room for the wire to move under the staple this allows it to expand and contract with temperature changes and flex with livestock pressure turn the bekaert barbed staples 30 to 45 degrees to the right this will allow the staple to open up as it goes into the post stagger the staples so they are not in a straight line on the post as this could cause the post to eventually crack you

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  1. when installing board rails on top of wire fence, is it ok if the wire staples are under the boards, or should they only be hammered in the gaps between boards?

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