ProTubeVR REVIEW with | Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades | Early Access | H3VR |

ProTubeVR REVIEW with | Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades | Early Access | H3VR |

hey guys and today will be resilience approach who they are and to the flick got really comfortable nice lanyard there as well so when you want to pull out your pistol now it does come preassembled but these are all the different parts all separated out which is shows you the versatility where you can move different part around and make it different and let a super certain Goods just leave insures that tip of the iceburg some of the configurations we can do with the gun rig is these ones here so and also mbyte for the oculus touch controllers as well just change the product leave on it and but you can use all these different configurations more like a p90 the mp5 7l 95 I know there's an all there as well and but yeah you can you can change it on the fly and it's really really quick to do and when you just want to spend some of the tools to make it a better position and controller pods or 3d printed like a hard plastic on the outside but then it's like a quickly plastic on the inside by relati like that it keeps them nice snug fit and stop them from dropping out when you do just have it on the lanyard another thing a relatable is the cheap rest it really does add to the immersion and it ordinary is 654 grams so it's really not going to be that heavy sort of them carry around within a game as well and but yet it does still feel enough that it it feels like there's something there and in your hands so I thought I'd put the cruel tube to the litmus test and actually try it out in VR in one of the games which I think would actually help in the mid section and in here in the sources game and but I just want to try it out just nice and this and one of my favorite parts of HPV art is the indoor range but a lot of nostalgia in this room because this is one of the first rooms that we had to go into and it only had a few goods in at the time so I just have a little fire with us to begin with and it really does steady your shot a lot more because if you see it on the video beforehand actually holds it in the cups like that so once you put your gun up like that it's not actually and you have to do less to get it to incent a bit of it and it feels like it's something in your hand so it adds to that immersion as well and you don't actually have to hold the control at that point it can actually hold part of the metal tube and which obviously it doesn't feel exactly like it's a gun because that metal tubes a little bit smaller than what it should be but it definitely gives that extra effect of immersion and I mean already look at that with the first shot is pretty close to the bullseye then I wasn't even really concentrating or trying that's just pinging a shot off so let's lean forward a little bit so you see the accuracy change there from some of the other shots that you might see in a stick when I've just got the controllers there we're really getting the shot quite close into the center there let's have a few more what I'll do is I'll see I can change it over for the race left boundary which is pretty difficult in width because I'm switching my arms around as well yeah I'd say that's just because I'm using okay got it even got a bull's-eye with the left hand and I do actually feel a little bit more unsteady with the left hand compared to the right let's see if again now this doesn't see a right on that side so that's really not too bad at all it really does definitely increase your accuracy with the guns and it increases the immersion with the guns and one of the cool things is that once you've got it set up for these types of guns that have all got this here then you can just easily pick up another gun now usually I'd have the lanyard on here but it's really difficult to the lanyard actually keeps on pushing against my microphone so it was a snack or the audio for a saw and that's an unfortunate thing so I would usually have the young lanyard on instead of kind of half holding it with my hand which is a little bit awkward but it's not awkward when you've got that lanyard on so let's have a little pot pop out of this there like that just really goes into the cooked nicely so I always can just grab your gun and then pop it into the cup like that and then at you steady for your shot ready to go I don't really like these but we'll give it a go tell you what let's try a different side because I don't find the same accuracy we saves like this i magnify in order to read that once all pop that down as arc and then some of the guns obviously they've got different adjustment levels as well so you can now that perfect they're actually then don't have to adjust that at all but if you did want to adjust it you can see there that we can adjust it upwards and you can adjust it downwards as well depending on the gun so that's doing that just on the fly as well without even taking the headset off something forward a little bit and I think that all you're doing is you're waiting for your red dot to go closest to the center spot as you can and then take the fire but obviously you have to cock the gun person to assist yeah oh yeah there we go take off fully automatic because that's quite sensitive obviously or mean look at that look at all them in the center spot there that's just it's crazy the the increase in accuracy you get and if you play in something like onward where it's multiplayer you're going to need that extra level of accuracy to actually be able to compete because there's other people in onward now using these as well so if you're not using it and you're just using the controller's then you're going to be a disadvantage really so as you can see just a huge amount of bullets in that center spot there which is going to be a kill shot headshot straight away isn't it so I'm a little look at some other guns with it as well as you can see if actually inside the probe there all you do is nice and easy lifting it out and then you just get used to where it is without actually even looking at it eventually it's like a sort of like a blind putting it in the pods but since your hands already on the pod as well it does make it a lot easier to actually find where that pod is this one's normally the hardest one to find but I am pretty used to that as well so one's already in the pod pop it into real orders like that we lowered it pop it into law did not read ordered and then take a safety off if they actually find out yet the cocks there and that one and let's pop the holo sight on there as well so as you can see you may have to adjust it a little bit yes I just need to Scootaloo they're just a little bit too low there all you do is slightly adjusted up there and then we get bang in the center so that's just a completely different gun basically it's got a different sort of angle at which it actually does it which eye has a set of view for and just being able to change that on the fly with the headset on is really advantageous because you just don't have to take that headset off so if we had a sounder that does not sound awesome actually that's pop this see so close to the center spot there let's pop that back put that in the cuffs I'm just so to move over to the side checks I'm hitting it into my chaperone so that's pretty good accuracy there I haven't shot down here as well you can pop it on Arnie and also I think because you've got that cheatgrass which kind of marries up with the backboard stock of a gun it actually studies your head as well and it gets you into that aimin spot quicker than it would do if you were just trying to in through your head with in midair basically yes steady in your head just steady in the control as which increases accuracy without a doubt the majority of these within that what one two third ring their majority of the minitor drink but a whole lot of them within that second drink and in fact one exactly spot-on in the center there so there's no doubt about it it's an absolutely fantastic piece of equipment I don't know I think a lot of people will be thinking well is it really worth the money and genuinely a my honest opinion I would say that it is worth the money for that extra added and accuracy and immersion and if you do play on word in this then without a doubt it would be worth it for that as well and I can imagine my score increasing quite a lot now in onward with this one and and I literally can't wait to get in onward with this as well so let's see what this guns like a hair on fully automatic and we'll see if we can try and control the spray by putting pointing the gun downwards as we're actually shooting as well so as you can see incredibly hard to could control the spray on guns like that and but I think that's the way it should be it should be quite difficult to control a fully automatic spray without sort of controlling it just hol holding the trigger because I would reckon in real life as well that it would be pretty difficult as well and then you go they go say to me you get the controllers out usually it would just hang down around here and with the lanyard on and you can do other stuff for the controller Siwan while it's hanging down you know just the height of the lanyard as well to make it shorter or longer or REM I was speaking to the guy who actually creates the creates this Pro 2 band he was saying that he's actually put the lanyard in a sort of central position so it's more more like this to your chest so that you literally just lock it up like that put it up like that and that's it there's no really really quickly you've got your safe Street on the ball there and there's the least possible time so that you can actually shoot your enemy so I think this is where to having a show as well so that people can see well it's like actually sort of loading a smaller more compact gun and because obviously we're dealing with the longer going to there so we'll just cut this back as well see it the safety off I believe that would be on there single fire at the moment so obviously we've had it set up for a longer gun there now all I'm doing is just twisting one of these like a tightened screw thing and just pulling that back a little bit so we can pop this back a little bit here and then also cut that back a bit and then as we grab the gun from this angle here popping that back in and then obviously we're just going to adjust the angle to try and find out where that sweet spot is for the aim and I just pull this back a little bit you now have have a look yeah now I've a sweet spot there the only thing is it's just a little bit further out than I would like it but it is actually still gripping the gun so you still have that to hold mechanic working with the air gun that you've got and you can't actually even take the whole poor tube apart and sort of have the there's two longer metal poles and on the outside that are shorter one on the inner I believe now is a so you can take the full thing apart and sort of rearrange at the better suit your your guns that you preferred you use as well I mean as you saw in the review the different sort of shit that you can make with it in the different variations is really really good so if we let's just pop this back here you have a slightly different type of sight there I don't know if you can see that's a merely that sight might be a bit more accurate because the red dots not as big and we've got a bigger magnification there as well but it is still moving about quite a bit in fact I don't even need to look back at like to see where I'm hitting good at that magnifies which also the more magnified it is the more I was pretty close to the bull's eyes it's not both there yes see will it be more magnified every small a little movement and adjustment is just sort of well magnified that was that's my shot that was a terrible shot let's try and pop down here and hold this a little bit more just for that magnification beam sovereignty as well if you did take a little bit just so crazy that the accuracy increase on this game here if you were taking just a little bit more time as well to let that red dot hover over the center then you would get even more increased accuracy but I am a little bit impatient sometimes waiting for it to go over and when I'm talking it's obviously moving it up and down a little bit more so so I think that's a little bit more of me just him and a little bit too low but you can see the amount of bullets in that center spot and I mean you could probably even look back at all the videos and have a look at what my accrues accuracy was like without the gun in this game and and I wouldn't have had that many in that center spot there without that so it's really really cool only one thing I would say about it is a sort of small negative point is that on the inner inner side of these metal tubes that he's got does actually have like a little bit of rust on the inside so the outside and obviously chromed and protected so what rushed on the outside but from the inside can't actually see you have to take off obviously take the porter to see the inside of the metal tube and actually see that rusted area and which is on the inside but apart from that M definitely definitely and loved the feel of it I love the look of it and gaining that extra accuracy is just so so cool so awesome product then if you obviously have that spare cash and you've got that onward I would highly recommend getting the probe VR just take a look down below in the description if you want to have a look to see if there have a look at the website as well not only for the vibes you can obviously get the pods which actually fit in for the oculus touch as well so and fantastic working from the go to the pro tube well done great product in there maybe I'll see you in an onward one day and I'll see you two

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  1. damn vinny u really took the time to answer all the comments so far. good review man and also keep up the goodwork

  2. When I received mine…the pipe is kinda curved to the left at the joints and I've just adjusted the grips to make the guns straight. Is yours like that or did you put yours back together being completely straight?

  3. Good, informative review. I prefer the one that you and FreeBee made out of PVC pipe as it looks and feels more real and its home made ( cheap as anything as well) however the flexibility for adjustment for different guns is a huge plus for this set up.Good job buddy!

  4. Nice vinny your going to be very good with that!!! But one question how are you going to do the mag flips?

  5. You're getting all the good stuff here, mate! You're lucky! I'm extremely lucky to even have the Vive itself! Anyways, enjoy the product! Looks awesome.

  6. Hey man, it's me again and still watching obviously! The quality of the videos are getting better and better. I'd love to see you playing other games too, perhaps on a second channel? Anyways keep the content rolling buddy.

  7. once again an amazing video. also, what if they made a lightsaber game in vhtc vive, like star wars the force unleashed 2, and it had gorn style dismemberment?

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