30 Replies to “PRR Steam Audio Recording: T1 Duplex #5505 at Horseshoe Curve (1949)”

  1. Wheel slip city (i have seen video of the T1wheel slip). What was the big box in front of the locomotive for?

  2. Look I'm all up for a new T1 but I just didn't think it's right to insult gresley by beating his record with modern technology. I just think that the record should be left recorded in the days when steam was used.

  3. Anyone notice a difference in some of the pictures. Some of the locomotives have diffrent steps on the front of the engines

  4. Few steam locomotives are as beautiful as the T1. It has always been a lifetime favorite but unfortunately came too late in the steam era to be fully developed to show its full potential.

  5. I wonder what they'd look like without the shrouding. I've seen pics of unshrouded N&W J's and they look quite a bit different. Not as much as the T-1 would though. If you look at how far back the stack is compared to the headlight, you can see there's a lot of presumably hollow shrouding. I guess we'll find out as the #5550 progresses!

  6. Help make a NEW T-1 a REALITY. Fellow rail fans! Support the build of the 5550! Every dollar counts. Go to https://prrt1steamlocomotivetrust.org to learn more and donate. No donation is too small!

  7. There is a great deal of accurate PRR T1 info out there now. I suggest the naysayers get themselves educated on this machine. 99.9% of those folks never even saw a T1, or worked for the Penn. The T1 was a LOT more locomotive than it gets credit for and a lot of this goes with internal Penn politics of the time. Every success to the T1 Trust !

  8. There is a trust set up to build a new T1 #5550. They are looking for donations. Google PRR T1 Trust 5550

  9. A friend who lived behind us had a grandfather on his father's side who was a passenger engineer on the PRR Fort Wayne Div and thought very highly of the T1.  
    They had a large O gauge Lionel train layout in their basement that they would run during the Holidays for visiting family, and the neighborhood kids, like me.  That was where I learned about the Pennsy and it's T1's.  Been a big fan ever since!

  10. Thank you for pointing out my mistake in word choice. Regardless, and please don't take this the wrong way, I highly suggest you find a better use of your time than correcting other people's grammar and spelling mistakes.

  11. the steam turbine engines of the 50's were actually extremely efficient. If your great uncles engine was pounding the track, they had something severely out of balance. Steamers run down the track quite smoothly if everything is in proper working order. The N&W 611 is claimed to be one of the smoothest rides on the rail.

  12. diesel is getting much cleaner but is really not as efficient as they say it is. Steam is actually very efficient when run properly.

  13. The improved design was actually the Big Boy 4-8-8-4. by using only 1 throttle and feeding main steam to the rear drives and the exhaust from rear to forward drives. This balanced the power and nearly eliminates wheel slippage issues. They did try adding more weight to the duplex but it proved ineffective.

  14. 1. Please consider improving your spelling and grammar
    2. The S1 suffered from the flaw you just pointed out, the T1's where pulled from service due to rapidly rising maintenance due to constant valve failure due to their design limitations being exceeded repeatedly. They were designed to run at up to 100 miles per hour, but were supposedly repeatedly ran at up to 140. This lead to the valves repeatedly failing. Regardless, they were still prone to wheel slip when starting and at speed.

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