28 Replies to “PSE Archery Kingfisher Recurve Bow- Full Review”

  1. This bow is not even accurate past ten yards. My wooden recurve of less weight shoots faster and farther. And much quieter without any mods.

  2. This bow is so heavy and extremely noisy. I really want to put wooden limbs on it. I don't know if that is possible though.

  3. Nice review. I am looking into this bow for a friend of mine that wants to get his first recurve. You said you were new to archery, but I would have never known, you did a great job! Answered a lot of my questions about the Kingfisher. Your only giveaway was you used the term "firing" an arrow several times. The term in archery is "loose" an arrow or "shoot" an arrow. Again, thanks for the taking the time to post this. By the way, you have a good clear voice for video reviews, keep up the good work!

  4. I have a PSE recurve razorback bow with a 25lb draw weight, i'm ready for 10lb increase.. where can i buy the limbs? and do they have to be made by pse? thanks

  5. Right handed bow means you pull back with your right hand and hold the bow with the left hand, although if you are left eye dominant but right handed you may use left handed bows, unless you feel uncomfortable.

  6. I know nothing about bows but I want to start getting into it, when you are talking about a bow and it says right handed bow are they talking about the hand you draw with or the hand you hold the bow with.

  7. I have this same bow it's a perfect for bowfishing! I would recommend it anyone wanting to start bowfishing.

  8. I'm really wanting to buy this bow. I can just put grip on it and add some of my own touches. This bow had my eye for some reason.

  9. auctualy you need Speed and Weight to get really good penatration you also have to have arrows set up for your bow if you shoot to heavy of and arrow you can cause damage or to light of and arrow you can cause damage as well. if you under stand anything about penatration you need speed and weight but you have to watch the weight,also shooting to light of amo you lose accuracy and distance, you can affect the same with to heavey of amo for the bow as well..

  10. Do we have to take off the string after every use to prevent damage to the bow
    Sorry im new to the archery world and interested in making this model my first bo

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