27 Replies to “PSE Stalker 30lb Recurve Bow”

  1. guys obviously he isn't gonna hunt with it or anything at 30 pounds he'd is lucky to kill a deer at a distance of more than he is shooting.
    but your all missing he shooting for fun and nothing else which stuns me silly

  2. nice bow, it's 5 years after your video and I just picked up a 45 pound version of your bow.
    I've never even considered shooting off the shelf, maybe I'll give it a try. It looks like it's more forgiving for a quick shot under pressure.

  3. With a 30 lb bow you should be able to hold it and aim better.I have a 45 pounder and if I quit shooting it for a while I have to work at it to regain my strength.

  4. Im new to recurve bows, but I just ome question, can you load the arrow on the right side of the bow even though its a right hand bow, it is so you can load the bow with one movement like legolas does it it LOTR

  5. I'm a 15 year old and I weight around 170lbs at 5'11. Do you think a 30lbs bow would be easy for me to draw back?

  6. No offense dude. But maybe the reason your missing so much is because you are loading the arrows in wrong every time. There are three feathers. Two of them are a color and one of them is another. The odd number color feather faces the outside while the two even colored feathers go on the inside. Every time you loaded them wrong, the odd feather hits the bow changing the direction it's going in. Research it more on how to load and arrow

  7. Hey I use to have a PSE viper compound bow with 60lb draw, thinking about getting this bow do you think I would be able to go more than 30lb on a recurve?

  8. Hey, do you know if 30lbs bow has enough power to pack a decent punch from 100ft? I have trouble at aiming with my pse deputy, so i decided to get a new bow.

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