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  1. Love this bow! It's super light, easy to take down and put together, cheap, and accurate right out of the box. I never even put sights, rest or stabilizer on mine, and just shoot it as is. Its smooth as glass, no bouncy limbs or cheapo twang. If you are getting twang, its probably because the limbs are loose, or too tight. Don't leave them loose, and don't use a wrench on them. Finger tight is perfect. Its pretty quiet with the right arrows, and fun to shoot all day. Mine is the 60/40 version. It's good looking too. I disagree with Brandon regarding the vane fletching…I shoot low-end easton aluminum target arrows in the backyard all the time, and haven't had any problems with accuracy or de-fletching. A whisker biscuit would be a nice addition though, but not necessary.

  2. So, I've been shooting with this bow (50lb/60in) for about a year now, and I am thoroughly satisfied.
    I'll do my best to walk through some of it's ups and downs for anyone on here looking to buy it.

    In the box are R/L limbs, riser, string and a piece of fur with a template (and paperwork, of course).
    It does NOT come with a bow stringer, which is required to string the bow. There are methods of stringing without, but I would NOT suggest it on a bow with such wide limbs as they're likely to twist. Stringers are really easy to make though, I'm sure you could find a video tutorial on here. All you really need is some rope and a sock or tubing so there's no excuse for damages caused by hasty stringing.

    Out of the box you would need to shoot with FEATHERED fletchings, apposed to vanes. To shoot a vane straight you'd need to buy a whisker biscuit (google it). Weight, length and material is of course of personal preference and dependent of your bow specifics. I would also highly suggest buying or making silencers as it is pretty noisy. The string it comes with isn't the greatest quality so wax thoroughly, watch it for fraying and look into ordering a replacement of higher quality.

    As for the bow itself, I have no major complaints.
    It is a little on the heavy side, but that's to be expected.
    It shoots smooth, stays true and has a great deal of power to it.
    A year later after target shooting 1-2 hours every day the bow still looks, feels and shoots great.
    No cracks, no damages, no ware.

    Overall, I love my bow and it would take several hundred dollars to buy a bow I'd favor over it.

  3. I just bought this bow and I'm a little new to archery. I can't, for the life of me, make it stop "Twanging".How exactly can I stop this?

  4. When using the advice given for stringing it yourself. Make sure you bend it slowly and try to apply an even amount of pressure as much as possible to both limbs. Doing that should be totally fine.

  5. Depends largely on what you shoot, be it target or hunting first off. Arrows are like gun calibers, it depends greatly on the person. I personally prefer fiberglass to carbon. Also the length depends on your draw length. You can Google how to find your draw length and from there a chart that would show the most likely arrow length to shoot.

  6. Yeah, what bf3allday said. You step through and bend the bow along your thigh/hip region to string it. It's might be a challenge the first few times you do it, but you'll eventually get the hang of it.

  7. i bought one but it did not came with a bow stringer so now is impossible to put on the string without it

  8. hey thanks for the response, I figured it out about a week after asking only b.c common sense stepped into play..lol. without a doubt, a wonderful bow and craftmanship. Couldn't have asked for anything better. I made a self quiver and it actually breaks down small enough to fit WITHIN my quiver..wonderful man..thanks again and shoots awesome instinctively minus the vanes fishtailing at 60ft which I took care of..2 thumbs up brother..

  9. This video states that this bow is "American crafted". I just read on another site that it is made in China.

  10. hey I just got my new pse stalker recurve from you guys that I ordered and I had a few questions. what's the felt/animal hair and the orange cardboard tab used for? I tried looking on your video to see if you use it and I didn't see anything like that..thanks in advance..btw, LOVE my new bow..

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