40 Replies to “PTA Regional Taekwondo Tournament – Jieben Lark Recabar”

  1. I train in taekwondo but one question why does the referee do that thing to say fight it take awhile to set it up

  2. support niyo ako guys ilalabang ako sa december 3 2017 sana manalo ako pag pray niyo ako guys thank you

  3. ako ay taekwondo player pero ginagamit kong account yuong kay mama ko. pero bukas lalaban ako first time ko lang talaga lumaban mga white belt plang ako e

  4. nag aabangan sila kung sino sakaninila yung sisipa…saka pansin ko lng ah..di nila masyadong ginagawa yung basic kicks like 45 and roundhouse.junior black at black belt na sila dapat..lahat ng trinaning nila dapat ginagawa nila ..hindi puro high turning kick at back kick…

  5. They are both good kicker but they should be brave. Pareho sila black belt sana hindi nila kinalimutan ang basic techniques because they are more useful that those jumping spinning kicks like jumping back kick and 540 kicks.

  6. I am a taekwando and an arnis player and I never played on a tournament before because I am not allowed because I am still grade 3

  7. Now wtf ks this bullshit?! They are not doing anything! Okay i get it they are kida and shit but still, when i was their age i used to go full power and just headshot all over the place, kids these days need to man up.

  8. Head gear and gloves is understandable but y chest gear and no punching to the face this isn't a real martial art

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