16 Replies to “Public Land Archery Elk Hunt”

  1. Good job guy's! I will offer a little advice that you can do what you like with – obviously… Get your caller a good 50 yards behind the shooter. You will have much more success on the bigger bulls. Not sure if that bigger bull in the beginning came in and hung up, but that would be typical if that is what happened and had you had the shooter 50 yards out it would have been in his lap. There are some nice head mounts for cameras to give you a second and up close perspective of the shooter, or use a third guy. Just trying to offer some advice, but the way your doing it works too.

  2. Keep taking videos of your western hunts. Great way to document them and be able to look back on them in the future. I'm a WI. guy as well that have headed out west. This past year I put together a video and plan on doing so each time I go out. Great to look back on it. I've probably watched my own video 100 times. Keep it up!

  3. Pretty sweet for your first elk hunt!!!

    My cousin got one on his first night out of his first ever elk hunt! I just hope he doesn't get skunked for the next 5 years!


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