Pulling a 55lb. recurve bow string with Arthritis can be done.

Pulling a 55lb. recurve bow string with Arthritis can be done.

hello everybody this is the be from davie self-sufficient life sometimes self-sufficient doesn't just mean gardening and raising chickens you need to know how to hunt and to defend yourself and take care of your home yeah I grew up for lasts over 40 years bowhunting so I'm going to be showing you in the next couple of videos my several poems that I have all of them are traditional recurve bows this is a Martin recurve jagwire it is a 55-pound bow it has a brace height seven and a half to eight and a half inches but I always have it eight and a half inches as always use a maximum braeside this uh Martin bones Mexico as it i need the advisor that's two solid during accomplishment last a long time posted a lot and it's been 25 house now the interesting about if it's five pound bow is that a person like me who has arthritis in his hands and his shoulder and as elbows you wouldn't expect be able to pool a 55-pound recurve bow but i'll show you a trick that I've used I don't use my arm muscles I use my bat buses so like compound bow oh we pull it back so far and then it gives the tension well if you use your backbone muscles and so far you can walk your back well awesome I use carbon 31 inch arrows these are 340 spine so they have a 100 to 125 grain point on my hunting I'll use these for target tournament for hunting i use a 31 inch 400 spine which i can use a broad head of 175 grades at two hundred grains which gives better prepare better credit print pad it's a better prepare penetration you don't want the game to suffer so let me show you how I do this you wouldn't think that a person who has rheumatoid arthritis Ruth ride around with my limit our arthritis be able to pull a bow but i'll show you i use tabs because i used to use gloves but i found that that cats give me a better position positioning very important and posture i'm shooting arrows so you got a 45-degree stance see I gotta poop my arm up like this I'm gonna block it in and then release so that's 55-pound bub let me show you that again you use the tab pull it back get your anchor and then what you establish your anger then your release and just let it flow you don't jerk little cluck and then see with my arm because of my arthritis in my arm I had to miss my shoulder up then I pull back so we show that one more time but i don't really aim i use instinct shooting that's awesome see I can't really bad arthritis initial looks like it doesn't look good I can't even hold my arm up that's how bad way arthritis is an actual that's how we've my armies I can't open or well now I went back is locked and I can move it around have to struggle now I plug that now what i do is i lock my shoulder and i lock my shoulder back shoulder blades back i lock in now i'm doing everything wrong as your top if i wanted to keep shooting my bows and arrows I had to learn how to develop this technique to overcome my arthritis because there's no way I have the muscle strength to even pull this boat back so what I do is I have to pop my shoulder up above my head and get it in the right place like this then I can just bring up anchor it and let it go now I plugged in to sometimes you get that when you Kevin go straight but you just got to keep working at it don't give up there's always ways so again why I back my shoulder and because if you have room towards arthritis there's other ways you can use your muscles or your bones joints to gain at the strength and leverage as i have learned– because i would have to give us up completely if I didn't learn how to be able to adjust my joint and my back muscles to be able to do this but I still here yeah no I'm plugging really forgiven okay so there you go thank you very much for watching there'll be more on our treatment you have any questions on our treat please let me know always leave comments always thumbs up always liked boys share come back with me and be a community and help us work together to improve ourselves in our lives and become more self-sufficient in our lights each and every day of our lives thank you very much for watching bye

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  1. I bought a 55lb Bear Grizzly over a month ago, and it the best thing i got my self in the last ten years. Never really shot a bow other then the youth bow i got 5 years ago for my cousins kids. I'm already looking into getting other bows for the family. Right now just practicing while planning for next years hunting seasons.
    Got a question, and this is what i was looking around for when i found your video. for my 55lb 58" Bear Grizzly recurve if i need to get a new string, and i'm sure i maybe needing one beginning next year. I guess a dacron string howmany strands should it be for that draw weight and length?
    P.S. about the time i got the bow i was suffering from the side effects from cholesterol meds, and i had to force my self to shoot over the joint pains, but today I've got my meds changed and i'm feel much better. I try to get about 50 arrows shot everday that the weather is fair..
    Best to you Davy!

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