PVC Archery Releases

PVC Archery Releases

hey fellow backyard boys Nick here I've been getting a lot of questions about this so just to add to some of them yes this is a archery release and it is made out of PVC pipe here's the release that I've used in a couple of my videos and they're both similar and this one here is actually based off of the old six gold release from the 70s and this is kind of my own take on the design of this one you use two fingers and you basically hold it like this you place your index finger in the middle hole you would hold this little protrusion here the string sits right in there you draw that back to your anchor point and then when you want to release you point your index finger out and the release spins around and then go this just has a little index point for your index finger to sit every time and it still gives good clearance for the string and then it allows you to use three fingers instead of just two but they're both pretty much the same so I'm going to show you how this is used today and then I'm going to talk a little bit more about you know start off by shooting this release he uses three fingers views the two-finger release it's the simple huh so the release is now their work pretty well and main reason why I like using them is because they you know really save my fingers if I'm shooting a lot even with gloves it's a little easier on the fingers it takes a little getting used to though so you know don't think that it's going to make you a lot more accurate right away you know it takes a little practice one thing I do like it like about it is that usually I draw a little further with the release I don't know if you've noticed that you know it's just psychologically I don't draw as far with fingers with the release I draw a little further and another thing too is that even drawing to the same point I get a little more speed with the release they're really simple to make these you could make them out of pretty much anything that was sturdy enough no bone other plastics really dense woods but the PVC basically what I did is I took a one-inch pipe flattened it and then I glued the two flattened pieces together to make a slab so here's actually a cut off you can see the glue line there so it's a quarter-inch thick slab and then from there I was able to cut these up I've made quite a few of these this is one of my first right here and it's a really simple shape basically the way it works is that the string rest here and when you draw back you have just enough angle here to hold the string in and then when you release the strength pops out so ideally it rocks forward a little bit in the string has full clearance so this is what the first one looks like and if you want to make one for yourself this hole should be just a little bit bigger for your finger so that your finger will fit into it you know and that it'll be able to rock around your finger but it's not super loose you don't want it to be really snug either and then here's my take on the design again pretty much everything is the same it's actually the same release it's just that has this here which keeps your index finger in the same spot every time instead of coming in and pinching the string and then it also has this on the back that allows you to use your ring finger for a little more stability and this is great for bows up to I'd say about 50 pounds and this I actually use this instead of my fingers on bows that are more than say 60 or 70 pounds it really saves my fingers I get a cleaner release and I draw a little further so here they are whoops here they are and I'm actually working on a new book I'm also working on a new website so these are going to be featured in my new book but the new website I'm working on it's going to be kind of an information hub for all things do-it-yourself archery and PVC bows and so I'll be putting up you know detailed pictures and some templates for these once I get the site up and they'll be in my book when that comes up – so I'm I'm working on all of these things so thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time but

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  1. If your bow is tillered for split three fingers, then does this change how the bow performs?

  2. Hi buddy, we are a bunch of Archer maniac from Taiwan, I was wondering if you are willing to make some of the release and give us a price? Really appreciated.

  3. Just carved one out of hardwood, thanks for the idea. This is easier on the fingers than a glove or leather shooting tab.

  4. I am wondering how large the three finger release is along with the hole and what size pvc pipe is used to make it please let me know.

  5. I don't understand? Why would anyone want to draw your string with your hand / arm held in 90 degrees to the natural plane in which your muscles actuate?

  6. Can I get one of yours bows,if You can send them to Serbia(europe). . .and what price is for it.
    Thank You brother.


  7. I have noticed watching your crossbow video and this video that the bolts have two fletchings and the arrows have three, is there a reason for the difference?

  8. your videos are very entertaining and my daughter is starting to like archery, may have to try and make one of your bows for her,

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