PYRAMID WARM UP DRILL – Group Training Ideas

PYRAMID WARM UP DRILL – Group Training Ideas

drop it down you guys go six five alright hey guys so today I'm showing you one of my favorite ways to warm up my group it's a pyramid workout you've probably seen these before adding them into group training is awesome you can do it together as a group or you can split them up sometimes I like to split them up half on one side half on the other looking at each other eye to eye kind of competing so that's what we are gonna see here in this video group one once I group two on the other we're doing two different drills they do ten of that drill they do ten then they switch ten ten that goes back to the drill nine nine nine nine eight eight all the way down to one super intense try this one oh they loved it but they hated I had to motivate them to push them through but they finished strong and feeling really good and ready for the workout round one group one over here doing the leg drives with the twist you feel it in your core your heart rates going it's so intense they're gonna feel it after a couple in alright and then on the other end we're doing like a tuck to a squat it's almost like a half Burpee drive it to a squat down to a tuck hey you are you liking these workouts again ideas for your clients and subscribe I'm putting new workouts out every single Sunday for you to start your week training right alright so you saw round one – this warm-up now check out how we do round two round two we're going power squats we're going push shopsite from 10 down to 1 they're on fire from the first round but keep pushing them to get low get high back straight head up alright we did these two rounds and then we hit our workout six over there go let's go squats you guys you guys squish up let's go and slow alright thanks for watching guys have a great community conscience I am amazed about you I'm shining for another train-the-trainer episode yeah

10 Replies to “PYRAMID WARM UP DRILL – Group Training Ideas”

  1. Awesome! Love getting lots of new ideas from you for my classes, all the way in Dublin, Ireland. Keep up the great work!

  2. Truly love your videos! Just starting my own group for the first time this summer! You have inspired me more than you'll ever know! Thanks!

  3. Hello, adoro seus vídeos e treinos. Vc passa umas bases de treinos super top.
    Estou te acompanhando faz um tempo, curto muito seus treinos. E meus alunos curtem o circuito que monto pra eles.
    Valeu bjo

  4. as always, awesome, awesome, awesome ideas!!! thank u so much for sharing!  i love all your ideas and I do use them in my workouts all the time!!! hahahahahaha!
    Respect to you all the way from sunny Gibraltar (southern tip of Spain) 🙂

  5. I run my own group and regularly check in on your page. Keep up the great work. I think in our industry we are always learning and what you're doing is fantastic!! Id love to share my workouts outs just like you do one day!

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