Qin archers

Qin archers

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  1. TFW you're too much of a moron to read the description
    TFW you shouldn't even need to read the description

  2. Atleast when they march it looks cool. Though I don't get the different colors, one cav is red the other is black and white. Also the army has tower shields along with round shields, such a huge mix of different troops but organized. I swear the commanding officer would've been like "God damn…" When trying to think of a formation and organizing the army.

  3. If Alexander came to China at the time, it might only be that there was no return, even if the West had stronger shields and physiques.Qin’s suppression of numbers and tactics, and the Qin have ten times the range of Western bows and arrows, and can shoot arrows on horseback

  4. china fought more wars bak then than any other country in its time and yes it was that big and well-organized, sun tzu invented the art of war philosophy, they also had explosive arrows mind you they invented gun powder

  5. Bu kadar kudretli muhteşem orduları varsa neden moğollara yenildi ha?(Çünkü moğol devletinde türk askerleri daha kalabalıktı)

  6. its a shame asian movies lacks awesome battle scenes without the need of supernaturally strong heroes

  7. Qin dynasty invented crossbow, which was one of the fatal factors for Qin’s winning of war. even the Roman legion could not be matched to Qin’s square.

  8. There will sure be a guy who is clumsy and accidentally fire the arrow on his own army.. there sure be…

  9. Even a movie should not assume viewers to be dummies. This movie seems to suggest those arrows flew more than a kilometer and still had killing power.

  10. hahaha so funny =))) only ask ! why did the wall? ANSWER: Because of the Turks.. fucking chinese beetles 😀

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