48 Replies to “Quadruple Amputee Becomes National Trampoline Champion”

  1. A Great Girl
    I Appreciate her Nice Brave Courgeous Feelings
    I Salute This a GREAT GIRL.
    Best Best Regards

  2. Hey Isambel I'm from Nepal I just saw your video. I love your story. …Your are really strong and brave girl.god bless you 🙏🙏

  3. Ты Супеер красавица.Дай бог здоровья любви удачи вам.😍😍

  4. The people's who dislikes this video they are definitely not a human being they prove it they are not .

  5. I honestly never knew that meningitis could cause what happened to you. With your positive attitude, beautiful smile and a great personality, you'll help someone who is looking for some inspiration. God Bless Beautiful.

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