Quikset Table Tennis

Quikset Table Tennis

hi my name is Ryan and I'm one of Franklin's product managers that helped engineer and design this revolutionary quick set table tennis table setting up some larger table games can sometimes be a bit difficult so I'm here today to help simplify the process for you lay out the components and let's get started the first step is finding a clean area with a smooth surface once that's established start with the first half of the table tennis table you'll notice on the center of each half is a lock simply disengage the lock and unfold the table and lay down the table half on its play surface now that the table is laying down on a flat surface what you want to do is get the stability bars and the leg levelers from the inside of the cabinet simply do this by unscrewing the fore leg levelers inside your first half here's your first stability bar your first two leg levelers then reach to the inside of the cabinet and do the same with removing the leg levelers when removing the leg levelers try not to put too much pressure on the center of the table your second stability bar and your remaining two leg levelers once you've removed the leg levelers and the stability bars the next step is to unfold the legs to do this lift up the bar slightly go about 80% of the way up what you want to do is leave a little bit of slack on the hinge do not lock the hinge at this time we'll do this in the next step when we attach the stability bars repeat on the other side and lift up about 80% now let's move to the stability bars attach the support bar on one side of the hinge ensure the locking brackets to the right by loosening the wing nut then lift the leg brace slightly to line up with the other side of the stability bar slide locking bracket over the steel brace and tighten the wing nut now lock both leg braces to finalize the stability bar tighten the support pole to even out the play surface now the leg levelers now the leg levelers have been made with different height options each player prefers their own height regulation height is about 29 and a half inches off the ground for each table to get to regulation height screw down the leg leveler through the pole until you can feel it hitting the tip of your finger repeat on each corner and then let's get to work on the other half of the table repeat assembly on the second half of the table remember one unfolding the legs to only unfold them approximately 80% of the way once you've secured the stability bars and attach the leg levelers the next step is to flip over the table now we recommend you have two strong adults to do so if you are by yourself however the legs have been designed on angles here so it's very easy for you to lift it up put the pressure on the legs and finish it off over once the table has been flipped align the two halves there are two wing nuts on each side simply take off the wing nuts on each side and insert them on the two designated holes one on each half of the table screw the wing nuts back on inside of the table repeat this on the other side once the two posts have been established on the table it's time to put the net on then that has to bungees on each side slide the two bungees onto the posts and attach on the other post once the nets attached grab your friends and family and you're ready to play thank you for taking the time to review this video I hope it was helpful for you remember the table easily folds for storage position put it under a bed under a couch anywhere to store away the table for more cool products check us out at Franklin sports comm

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  1. HOw does the table fold.. ? When I set it upthe way you did, it doesn't fold. Do u have a video of it folding?

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