32 Replies to “Rabbit Proof Fence – Stolen Generations”

  1. For those who think cultural genocide is funny, they are fucking psychopaths! Imagine you were ripped from your family and your tribe and forced into slavery!

  2. I remember watching this for the first time and thinking how terrifying it would be to be taken from my own mother.

  3. Y'all got to develop a sense of humor this is some funny ass shit.
    PS: Nobody does this anymore get the fuck over it you dumbasses.

  4. I am from Germany and we have watched the movie at school because we are doing an unit about Australia. I was really shocked about that cruelty.

  5. Alot of white racist cock suckers on here, go eat a dick up you bunch of white privileged mother fuckers!

  6. I remember watching this movie in English at school for a essay about the Stolen Generation and it was so sad.

  7. White people have committed some of the worst atrocities in human history. No other race in this world has done the damage that the white race has done

  8. We read the passage from the book this was based on in high school and this moment was absolutely nothing like it

  9. I'm so surprised that there are many people thinking this movie is funny. What the hell are you guys? Psychopath or something? I truly wish you guys loose someone really important to you someday. Seriously.

  10. I first saw this movie while living in San Diego, California. And Once Were Warriors. Both were so awesome. And Smoke Signals too

  11. If you'll wondering why the old lady is hitting herself, its because with aboriginal culture if something like this happens the elders or other will hurt themselves because its showing how sorry and ashamed for letting that happen to there loved ones, so there you go. oh and another thing, some of you bogans in the comments putting up sick comments, I hope you ROT IN HELL!

  12. imo australia is still ruled by nutcases they have done this on purpose to destroy the children, destroy the parents, destroy the knowledge and language. they started this in europe about 1000 year ago with white tribes, and have done similar in every nation and people of every colour. people do this to them own families now thru working overtime and divorce. these pirates or phonicians or whoever, they are very sneaky with the wording. they duped everyone. dont watch television. spend time with your children the trauma caused by separation is irreversible.

  13. Don't get why people are laughing over this scene. It was a sensitive time for the Aboriginals and still is.

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