Racing Footwork: Gearshifts + Heel & Toe | Sepang Circuit

Racing Footwork: Gearshifts + Heel & Toe | Sepang Circuit

21 Replies to “Racing Footwork: Gearshifts + Heel & Toe | Sepang Circuit”

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  2. this is helpful, tryna learn how to downshift and brake and i don't have a manual car in my family to learn off of

  3. Great video. It teaches good technique for race car driving. I tried this on my Evo X, racing around my neighborhood at night when there was less traffic. But it was hard to heel and toe, as the turns were mostly 90°. I had to push the brakes hard to slow down enough, making it difficult to heel and toe when down shifting, as my foot on the brakes were so far down I couldn't rev match with my heel. But racing like this taught me a new technique. Now I'm faster around corners by needing to brake less, using the clutch to slow down the motor after downshifts and using the momentum to go aroung corners, causing less loss of tire grip and car control because of too much gas, and only giving gas when loss of momentum if felt, givin better car control and speed.

  4. You guys have to remember this is a race car and he doesnt necessarily care about longevity of the transmission lol – dont try driving like this in your car lolol

  5. クラッチ踏む時以外は、左足はフットレストに置いておかないと、クラッチ痛むよー

  6. Beautiful technique, your heal toe looks strikingly similar to my own! The way you flick your heal sharply is almost identical!

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