Range Day- Star BM Surplus 9mm

Range Day- Star BM Surplus 9mm

hi everybody I'm Mike this is a bunch of guns to get reviews today we're gonna be shooting the star BM pistol stick around maybe we'll learn something together those of you this on my field strip and magazine disconnect removal video for the star BM know that I like this pistol a whole lot which by the way you can watch that video here it is a single action single stack 1911 style style nine-millimeter pistol it does have some big differences from a 1911 notably it has an external extractor it has no beaver tail safety the trigger which let me show to you that this is in fact an empty weapon see nothing in it the trigger on this weapon is really really nice though it is different from a 1911 with a 1911 the trigger goes straight back with this it hinges on this pin right there I don't know if you can see it has a little bit of take-up and then a crisp clean break it's actually a very nice trigger particularly considering this is a surplus Spanish police pistol this particular example was made in 1979 you could tell by the fact that it's a 79 right there on the trigger guard if it can if it will focus there we go it says 79 on the trigger guard that's how you know what year it was made controls on it are pretty much the same as a 1911 has the magazine release in the usual place the slide stop slide release and the safety its safety works just like a 1911 up is safe down is fire that's it the sites you know your basic mill SERP pistol sites nothing to write home about but they do seem to work let's go out to five yards it shoot some of these new bolt targets before we get started shooting I want to give a shout out to new bolt targets as those of you who saw this video understand I met Happ at the USC see a concealed-carry Expo and they were kind enough to send me a sample of their targets which you can see a video of me shooting those here so again I want to say thank you to them and if you guys want some good quality targets that aren't gonna break the bank and are safe to shoot at these closer ranges check out www.imtcva.org piece of cake let's see if I can score any hit the 10-yard [Applause] well I can score some answers that I could score some misses too one reason I'm scoring some of those misses is how developing a bit of a flinch see part of the problem is I have these big fat ham hands and as I'm shooting it my hands are coming up over the beaver tail and I'm getting hammer bit like nobody's business that is one of the things I would change about this weapon if I could is put a round hammer on it and not a spur hammer now let's see if I can hit anything at 15 yards with this beast excellent up till now I've been shooting 115 Green Winchester white box but now we're gonna see how this thing handles the 147 gram Federal Premium HSD hollow points not too bad a group got a couple of them right on top of each other anyway let's do one more mag this one I'm just gonna do a mag dump just to see if it'll handle it if it'll get give it Danny proc any problems or make it choke it all amalgam flawless overall I think the star PM is a great value in a surplus pistol I think I paid like 200 220 bucks for this from classic firearms if you go to www.hsn here calm I'll have a link on my website to exactly where you can get it and how much if you liked what you saw please like share subscribe maybe consider becoming a patron on my patreon account and as always come on back maybe we'll learn something together

23 Replies to “Range Day- Star BM Surplus 9mm”

  1. As I said, unless you have giant ham hands like me, this is a great pistol to shoot! What do you think? Do you have any experience with this pistol? If so, how do YOU like it?

  2. I think they're great pistols. Like mine just as well as my new plastic fantastics.
    Put some grip tape on the front and back of grip . Feels way better.

  3. I got two of these from Classic Firearms $199.99 for the first and $149.99 for the second two spare magazines for each wonderful pistolas for the price .. Thank you for your opinions

  4. For the price (And I am a sucker for antiques and older models) I knew I had to get it. It slides like butter, and disassembly and reassembly is a LOT easier than I thought it would be. I keep it besides my bed loaded. I love it!

  5. Nice video review on the Star BM. I ordered one from Classic Arms. Love it great surplus gun. Great value. Like it so much I have ordered two more. Plus Right now Classic Arms is offering a Fair Grade at $149 I call a shooters grade. How do you say no to that. πŸ€ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡±

  6. Nice Video πŸ‘πŸ» I have a a Star BM & Super B and like them both probably because they don’t give me hammer bite.

  7. I'm a huge fan of Spanish guns. Star makes some great stuff. I have a B and BKS, so I guess now I need the BKM too. 😁

    By the way they all have hammer bite for me as well. If I'm going to be shooting the "b" models at the range a bunch, I usually just wear a glove. If you decide to alter the hammer, you might want to purchase a spair first just in case. One main draw back to these is the lack of available parts, since the company hasn't been in business for 20 years or so.

  8. Very awesome gun, super jealous, where are you located that it is so green, looks nice and cool out there, here its 110 outside and no shade trees

  9. I think you can probably get away with boning the hammer. Those things are set up to ignite really heavy primers. Plus it would look really cool 😁. Don't blame me if it doesn't work πŸ˜‚. Oh yeah you probably couldn't safely lower the hammer anymore… but it looks really cool.

  10. Sweet! I love old surplus guns. I am like you when it comes to grip. Certain guns tear me up. I get wicked bad slide bite from Glocks….SMH.

  11. Got mine last week. I don't know the next time I'm going to the range, but I can't wait. If I had the money for it , I'd get another.

  12. Great score! I love these S/A 9mms. I have wide hands, and it felt good in the LGS. I'll just have to see how it does on the range.

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