RANGE DAY w/ Remington 700 PCR

RANGE DAY w/ Remington 700 PCR

pulling up to the shooting range now today's range day we're shooting my Remington 700 PC are now I'm not a huge fan of coming to shooting ranges only because I like my privacy I don't like small talk amongst other shooters I just like to do my own thing and we're looking at the longest range they have here no one is there today is a Monday a lot of people at work and thank thankfully enough for me I have a very flexible schedule so I'm gonna get signed in here and get my weapons set up and then we'll get sweaty and hit some targets to give you guys an idea of what I'm shooting at first in terms of how big they actually are because they look different in the optic this is about how big our circles are roughly I'd give them like two and a half inches roughly circles we're gonna set it so there's different berms here we have 100 200 300 and pass at 300 the burn bag does roughly 360 360 yards so we're gonna post these at 100 start showing you guys some fundamentals and shot groups and then most key progressively pushing it outward so we got this really cool thing here that's gonna show you the target I'm currently gonna be shooting at this is the Remington 700 precision chassis rifle super juicy I've been wanting to build my own well not really build but have my own rifle for a while it does shoot 308 rounds basic fundamentals trigger squeeze I relief you don't want any scope shadow in your scope okay you want to control your breathing you don't want to hold your breath you can take a momentary pause either on your inhale or your exhale but you have to know where your crosshair is going to be and you're actually breathing because it changes in and out so we're gonna try to get this is only 100 yards this one's this one's not gonna be very hard at all to hit taking my rifle from safe to fire we're going very top left circle so we hit just go we hid inside a little up into the left and see if we can tighten that little bit here same spot so it almost appears that my zero is roughly roughly an inch higher than that would like that's not terrible let's see if we can get Nolan so those are all that's a really good shot group there we have like it's almost like a triangle right now so I'm aiming center mass here I think I might need to adjust my zero just a little bit but this is very minimal right here so last shot at a hundred yards control your breathing trigger squeeze good sight picture good sight alignment all right I think we have a really good shot group so I'm going to make sure my weapon is clear drop my magazine weapons clear put it on safe and let's go see what we got so you guys got to think this little shot group right here this is a hundred yards the length of an American football field it's a that's not a far distance at all but just to just to just so you guys know that's not a bad shot group at a hundred yards now we're gonna move our target to 200 yards and try to do the same thing and we'll shoot in the top right this time now because I collected where I had to adjust my scope for 200 yards we're looking at point zero five so let me see if I can get you guys in here close and you can see my adjustments here so we're on zero it's a increments of 0.1 so we're at in the middle of zero and wine I don't know you can see that right now Oh point five I don't really need to adjust my parallax here what the parallax focus is is essentially a way to make sure that your crosshairs and your target are both focused and you're not just focusing on one so top right circle 200 yards see how I have like a short pause a very short pause between my inhale and exhale that's when I want to pull my trigger put it on safe here so as I'm breathing my cross shows are moving inward and outward and I and I I kind of I see where they stop you know on my exhale so once I kind of fine-tune that with my sand sock here if I would like to bring up my buttstock I'll just simply squeeze my stance lock if I want my or my shot to go down I'll squeeze it I thought my Craster's to come up I'll let I'll let off some and that's essentially what this is it's just this it's a hold of sand sock but it's actually rice inside of my military sock so this is what a lot of snipers use to shoot as well so let's try another one here I don't even know if I'm hitting wherever the like right now it's kind of hot today so the Mirage is a little gnarly in terms of the heat waves out there 200 yards again so again I'm not holding my breath I'm taking a very short pause between my shots I don't even know where I'm hitting right now to be completely honest with you guys this was 200 yards I'm gonna drive out there this time let's make sure our weapon is clear drop the magazine I checked around I didn't even catch it but weapon is clear it is unsafe let's go see what we got for 200 meters excuse me 200 yards at roughly a two and a half inch circle alright guys this is my 200 meter shots that's pretty good right here now again this is 200 meters if I were to stand here think about it two football fields alright I'm gonna stand over there so we've got our steel target here at 350 yards that one is always here at the range this one is roughly 360 I think it's 363 yards it's a buffalo not a big deal but a beautiful truck thank you guys for the support and now our cardboard target is at 300 right there so we're gonna go back I know I can hit the 350 s fucking juice but we're trying to hit inside the circle at 300 300 yards so I know because yesterday I came out here and shot at 300 I want my adjustments at 1.2 mil so we're gonna go to 1.2 we're going to load our magazine and should we get around in the chamber I'm gonna acquire our target now I gave you guys a different point of view so you can kind of see what I'm doing over here with adjustments what a lot of people don't know is shooting with both eyes open is better now I do squint my left eye slightly but in terms of on the battlefield it's just generally like everyday like what what do you what do you really close your eye for normally I mean when I shoot I might do like the Barack's eyebrow or a little bit but I want to see what's over here and it's gonna take a little bit to train your eyes your dominant eye to focus this is this is basically kind of blur as I focus but I still have my left eye open so I'm not supposed to shoot without eye Pro here but I'm gonna show you guys kind of what I mean here I don't know if you can see both of my eyes here I assure you my left eye is open so I've acquired my target safe to fire any imperfections I could miss this so all right I don't know if I hit that we won't know until we get up there Oh relax your breathing guys remember no scope shadow within your optic trigger squeeze don't pull it control your breathing so we're gonna check the 300-yard target put it on safe as soon as we go out there and check our 300 but now we're gonna shoot it to 350 yards steel target this one now this one is not a small area we're shooting I believe it's a 1 foot wide by 2 feet tall the steel target we're shooting but to think about this one is you're actually gonna hear the impact which is very satisfying for me so so we're shooting the steel targets here I'm gonna love my my round in the chamber now I know at 350 yards I want 1.6 males so I'm just gonna adjust a 1.6 1.5 1.6 now I'm gonna aim right at the chest area of the steel target we should get an easy impact here and you should be able to hear it so again fundamentals sight picture scope shadow trigger squeeze control your breathing weapon is hot easy you hear that ping let's go for a headshot I'm not sure if you will because I forgot to spray my target um I forgot to bring my spray paint put it on safe I forgot to bring my spray paint out to spray the target to actually see the impacts a lot easier but believe me I'm hitting the target if you're standing out there with your foot up your butt I'm gonna get you easy I promise you I'm aiming for the head here on the steel target okay fundamentals relax trigger squeeze now I missed it a little high that's our first miss today but it's gonna happen now like I said the further you get the more any imperfection is going to miss your shot so I'm just gonna there was see once you relaxed herself I was getting a little overconfident there I was getting cocky and if you get cocky in this industry you gonna mess up so I thought my approach is to show you guys that I'm not squinting I'm that close on my left eye now at this distance again I haven't even told you this yet but you don't really have to worry about windage at 300 yards you really have to start worrying about it about 450 to 500 at least that's what it was like for me with my experience anywhere out to 400 and Beyond yury that's when you have to start worrying about winds pushing your bullet to either side so 350 not a big deal here again sight picture weapon is hot trigger squeeze guys trigger squeeze got it I'm not gonna lie I race off and I was driving up guys but that was right 300 yards shots right here that's really good now again 300 football fields like if this was imagine this being like the size of someone's torso essentially like the center of this cardboard target that's still an elimination on the battlefield right here all right so that was 300 100 200 300 so to wrap up today we shot at 100 200 300 and 350 yard targets I'm pretty pleased with the little shot group I had at 300 because like I said the further you get the morning imperfections were gonna show whether it be breathing or trigger squeeze so I think it's a pretty successful little Rage day now 300 yards is literally what we started shooting at a hidden sniper school it went from 300 all the way out to a thousand or more depending on the first shooting the 50 Cal or shooting like the m24 so like what I'm shooting right now I can stretch that to a thousand yards easily so 10 football fields except the problem is I don't have a place to actually shoot anything past two 350 to my knowledge yet that I've actually been to I have people that have told me some spots I can go to you to shoot further because I want to collect my data for you know all I have is up to 350 and I want to do 4 or 455 550 all the way up to a thousand if I can now in the hunting world I've only been hunting one time with a deer tag and I missed my target now this was obviously I was like 19 years old didn't have a lot of experience shooting long range but now I think if I went hunting I've been told I've been told that 400 yards in the hunting world is a hell of a show well if I can get me anything 400 or below I'm taking home some meat I'm telling you that's not a that's not a difficult shot once you get your confidence to shoot out to 800 or a thousand yards 300 to 400 yards there's gonna be like chump change I'm telling you guys I'm not being cocky that's just the reality of it so the more you shoot the more comfortable and your confidence is gonna grow so hopefully I can get a deer tag within the next year or so now that I have a hunting rifle I can take you know I just like having my own things so hope you guys enjoyed the video today it was something a little different if you guys don't like firearms that's fine I love shooting it's an expensive hobby very expensive hobby um but it is relaxing so that being said guys like in the video is always appreciated subscribing is free and y'all stay sweaty

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  1. Man, an empty range looks so nice. Here in Hawaii the range is always busy especially on the weekends. really awesome to see gamer enjoying their time at the range!

  2. Never seen you shoot before, but you explain shit well, if youtube didn't workout you could have been an instructor. lol. Pretty rifle, I wanna touch it ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha.

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