Range day with the boys

Range day with the boys

alright guys hit it in to the range today being the boys don't get us range trip in for they go back to school it's cloudy it's overcast it's been raining all day but it stopped right now so that's a good thing we've we needed to rain so anyway we'll get in here get set up just a second alright first we got the Ruger American this is the compact 243 got some horny Hornady 100 green soft points as our hunting ammo cools don't killed a deer with this so we just gonna shoot it at 200 yards and and see what kind of accuracy we're getting out of that round alright we'll go down it check that out well let's put let's put three more down there got Levi up next I squeeze when ready up next is cold Ross 38 [Applause] [Applause] alright I'm gonna take the Rossy out to a hundred with 38 special cast I'm happy crank my sights up I I'm on paper so we'll go we'll put nine more down let's see what kind of group we got alright guys that's gonna do it we are leaving the range we will go home and look over some targets see on a bit back home celtic sub mm offhand 180 grand cash book that's a 25-yard offhand group my oldest son shot and 100 yards 243 my youngest son Levi first time he has ever shot this rifle and at hard yards he shot a 4-h group so that'll put and put meat in a freezer all day oh yeah oldest son shot inch and a half grew for 2-inch with that one flyer same 243 and my group was a one inch group and that shooting factory mo factory huntin ammo good hand load that'll even tighten up so that little Ruger compacts a shooter just some 38 but I'll see the targets here my oldest there's mine there's my youngest and then lastly I had some 38 special 158 grain cast lid lead bullets I hadn't loaded up with trail balls so we took the target out to a hundred I moved my side elevator up half way that got me here I moved it up another notch and there is my hundred yard group iron sights 38 special so not bad I was lobbing them in there so we had a good day at the range boys loved it range we burned up a bunch of odd and then demo that was laying around I wanted to get emptied up so it was a good day you guys take care

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  1. I'm sure a good time with the boys . My Ruger 243 likes those Winchester super X . Will due 1 hole groups with them for some reason .

  2. That’s some great shooting fun day at the range I noticed your older son is a lefty cool I’m a lefty also 😁

  3. Range day with the boys is a great day! As a matter of fact, I’m sure you’re like me, any day with the boys doing anything is a great day!

  4. Looks like you and the boys had fun. One thing nice about cast bullets, you can shoot for pennies on the dollar with that Rossi. really enjoy it along with that sub 2.000. Nice video dude.-Dave

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