Range Tour 3

Range Tour 3

hey he caught 45 here while John's out seeing a movie with his mother I thought I'd do a little secret video here I don't have the skills he has with a camera but I thought I would just maybe surprise him he may not let me post since he didn't film it we'll see he thought give you a little range tour here a couple things that even I can do maybe sorry you don't get to see my face maybe I'll turn the camera around give you that throat before it's over notice we're actually using the burn barrel and we added a little axe throwing target knife throwing target here to the range yesterday we've been throwing up behind the yard another spot and the way we might incorporate that into a video sometime we need to get something set up down here on the range and and do that show you how that works boom hey what do you know I'll hit okay but anyway we'll do some we'll play with that at some point what I was going to do is give you a range tour and also brag on John a little bit as I do this giving you a couple of range tours we've had a few changes a few updates and man I guess I get as many questions about the range as anything and that's for sure and as we're getting started out here give you a look at things I hope you all do appreciate the good work John does I can be fairly creative at times but I tell you what he carries the creative load on so much of what we do the filming the photography work the editing that he does the rapid-fire videos and other things we don't edit very many of our videos but boy when we do he really does a great job doesn't he so anyway if I get hit by a truck I hope you guys will continue to make him do videos of some sort he's a good shot himself in fact he's an excellent shot so anyway let's proceed one of the things uh one of the reasons I wanted to do this another reason was to show you this barrel I've had many requests to do a follow up on that barrel shoot we did just recently what we call the slug bear I'll shoot I think and again give you a close-up on those holes looks like we shot with about a one-inch gun doesn't it that's it's interesting the hole it makes because the 12-gauge is really only 70 what three caliber something like that but it really makes a large hole of course the fascinating thing was and the thing we get a lot of questions about is did they go through it and of course they did not well I say of course I mean of course as we see it they did not there's the back of the barrel there's not even a dent really there's one little spot down there where you can see that one gut you know against it maybe but that might have hit after most of the water was out or there wasn't much water left I don't know it's not exactly a perfect science the way we do these things so I thought you might find that interesting I thought answered a few questions about it so I think you know that it didn't go through and we're learning just like you guys we do a lot of these silly things we never know what to expect we were actually expecting a more dramatic reaction than the a.k gave us hopefully you've seen the AKA believe it's called a k' rapid-fire where we shot up the barrel that was back in the fall and man that barrel started going crazy that was real surprised to me and I loved it I didn't expect that I know the mm1 a will do quite a bit in that regard – we'll get it dancing when Steve Lee was here and we were both shooting at it it really did some jumping around tried to fall over I think it did eventually didn't it but what we did on this one we really expect you to go crazy so we put some small fence posts behind it as you see here that's how we we rigged it up we didn't want it to fall over on the first shot or two we were afraid that's what would happen throwing slugs at it one ounce slugs and on a little maybe it would have but anyway I was a little surprised it didn't go through that and blow holes in the back even but you have a lot of mass there as you see they're all in the bottom of the barrel there they are down there and I'll accept a couple I dragged out it flattens them out and that's with hitting no steel except going through the front side okay he see me perspiring and dripping into the barrel it's very hot again imagine that Tennessee and I did pull a couple outside wouldn't be reaching into the barrel trying to film so that's what one looks like that's what it whoops there we go that's what it turned the one ounce slug into it I noticed that the wads are in there looks like everyone is in the bottle that barrel – that's what that is so it you know the wad stay connected to the slug must be some pretty good bonding materials I use there and so there's a couple of them flatten those babies out so anyway we've had several questions about that and and obviously we could just come down here and do a quick video and show you the barrel and try to give you a little added value whenever we actually turn the camera on not always we're loudly likely do anything aren't we y'all seen this part of the range you know it looks like the new targets we've got actually set up here we're going to do a 1911 video here this afternoon actually I think so I've got things painted up hit some empty paint cans I've left around here and one thing I wanted to show you and again if this is the first time you're seeing the range close-up you need to go back to range tour – and I go into a lot of things and who makes the targets and all that read the description how I hang the targets with the Shepherd's hooks excuse me target hangers hardware stores call them Shepherd's hooks but they're really target hangers they just don't know it and so I'm going to walk across here one thing I'm not sure we've given you is kind of a view back across the hill and get an idea of where we're shooting from I'm walking down in the hollow here now try to jiggle around too much and see all our little animal farm up here on he'll you've seen many times a couple down here we don't really cute at much where your videos I guess there's lots of odds and ends when you have your own range you've had here for 26 years you end up with all sorts of things and kind of a barnyard various things you shoot at when you in the mood or not of course you probably ain't seen down that way that's to the right of the range of course goes back into the woods hollow down in there goalie goes down through there John used to play down there a lot as a as a kid kiddo and these animals again most of you know they're heavy thick yeah that's why they don't always fall and you see one hung there I've shown you how they hang nice big trees down in here and we really don't hit them with any bullets we've got the range pretty much cleared out there was one tree here I had to take down a persimmon tree when we bought this place that's why I put the reins here it wasn't much on this hillside at the time hey we come on through here and of course we got a rifle target up there and have all kinds of tires and contraptions to keep the bullets splatter in there we're going to redo that I think with some railroad ties there it's not so trashy not that arranged is something that worried about being trashy it's stuff you're shooting up right then the gong there the ad are gone we're thinking about possibly redoing that putting it take you $300 worth of railroad ties is where we want to do it but we may we may get that done too and then for the folks we get the occasional comment of course about the is that really 230 yards I think actually we don't have any of the Gong's up right now we've got some other things planned over there but you know there's the wall over there it's on the other hill you know when we zoom from over there at the house when we're shooting it appears to be you know maybe in the top of this hill is just hard to tell but again I'm over here now and there's the wall over there q30 yeah we don't have a gong up of any size right now there's the old goat now it's good at holding steady and zooming of course now we're just about a hundred yards at this point but you see the post there of course that's where the dog hangs and I give you a tour look at range tour – and here's to the right of the range I guess you haven't seen this you know we look back towards the house in that direction that's one thing I wanted to show you but I'll take you on around here a little bit to the right the techniques videos and shooting tips think some of those we did right in this area and you might see a couple archery targets hang over there in the woods I try to keep some of those hanging so I can do a woods walk and through the biking and hiking trails okay and we're coming back around here I think you kind of know where you are wanted to show you the backs of the targets at all pay attention to the what's behind the goal here is rather trashy again it's a shooting range okay so anyway weird about the well about hundred yards an hour more from over there let's going down here near the gong trying to drive you crazy with my zooming but I think you probably all the time you've spent on this range with us you might not have seen the back side like this I thought it might be interesting to you there's the big gong and there's our little animal farm from this side I really can't shoot them from this side because I'd be shooting towards the house see and we're looking down into the gully the hollow in and across the hill there so you can see where we are far and then up there behind the car is where we do the long-range the 230 yards we have to get up there they see the shooting table right there that's about 80 yards from where I am now and we need to back up there in front of the house up there by the sidewalk directly behind the car are you can see the sidewalk there that's where we set up put the tripod up so we get a good still zoom and also we have to be up at that elevation to see across the hill I'm standing on because you know from the shooting table you really can't see the 230 yard going or even the wall over there so you know that's why we back up and get a little more distance than the back up also so there's the back of the main range over there see the swinging plates and everything and the barrel still there we shot up I'll zoom back and here's a little animals standing over here the very obedient they rarely move unless a piece of 250 grain lid comes slamming into them right so anyway what you might enjoy saying that I don't know if you're one of the rabid video Watchers and you're real familiar with the range this is one perspective you haven't haven't seen so if I show you some of the trash the inside story there ok so glad you come on this little walk with me and you guys take care and remember what I said the the real creative genius here is my son John and he also has a site Big John 88 TN you know what he does a little bit of shooting he's a little more camera-shy than I am right now but I see he's getting out of it so we may get him in front of the camera here one day so thanks to John and thanks to you guys we'll see y'all on the range take care

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  1. I've always heard the song about "Home on the Range" but I've never seen it until now. I've watched you shoot for many hours and learned a lot about the different guns. Thanks for the tour

  2. This was a great video. We sure appreciate you both. And thank goodness John does most of the video. Lol jk loved it.

  3. Man the nice piece of land and freedom and privacy you have Mr Hickok45 your very much blessed you and your family I've learned so much from your videos and look forward to long fun years to come God bless you

  4. I watched 3 range videos and looked in the comments wanting to know how far you have that first set of hanging steel. They look like 6 to 8 inches across, by the red slug barrel. How many yards to the shooting table? Thank you.

  5. Wow 50k views and no comments?  Ig ill go ahead…8 dislikes?  That means that 8 people spend their time going around to firearm videos and click dislike all day.  Most likely anti-gunners

  6. Can you imagine a hundred years from now someone buys the place that knows nothing of its history but owns a metal detector. Lmao they'd be going nuts for years trying to fig out what happened there

  7. In the 2nd Range Tour video, you talked about the thickness of each target and what you would recommend. What thickness of steel do you think would be good for something as powerful as .50 caliber rifles? Does each steel target have a list of guns and rounds to shoot them with or can all with withstand any round you throw at them regardless of thickness?

  8. great tours ( all 3 ), how much property do you own????
    I know professional ranges that are not even close to yours in size!!!!

  9. WOW! Thanks!!! Request satisfied. And most important! A special thanks to “john” filming the videos, that we all enjoy, and making your dad look so good! As always, thanks’ for taking the time to make this video! And I support this site. ~M~

  10. I love these range tours. It's fun to see what is already familiar to me, but in a way that makes it seem brand new.

  11. Love your videos Hickok. Learned a lot about guns and ammo.I admire your knowledge and respect for gun ownership. Very proud to live in America where the 2nd amendment preserves our rights, and people like you who hold them with high respect.Thanks for the time and effort you and John have invested. Life surely is good.

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