Rashford's Worst Habit and Lingard's Sporting Hero | Lingard and Rashford | Roommates

Rashford's Worst Habit and Lingard's Sporting Hero | Lingard and Rashford | Roommates

do not even no no no no no the weather the weather no weather yeah what minute did Marcus go on his England debut a third minute be for I'm gonna see 5th minute didn't notice I'm gonna go for see fifth I said probably Moscow I said fifth minute wait oh you didn't hear third minute I watching I even questioned to here is Marx's musical guilty pleasure a the weekend be Stefan Don see childish gambino you don't I'd say none of them are guilty pleasures um Stefan done here is Marx's music musical guilty pleasure I put stuff on Don not having it the weekend weekend what do you mean why cuz it is what do you mean but why I listen to him regular I don't know maybe not I mean question free boys marks is worst habit a talking Molly in be biting nails see snoring the a close what is nails be buying what as much is worse habit well Don girlfriend the nose don't need to do yeah don't need to do that well how bitten Oh Austin I swear long do your own cigar question 4 what area in Manchester was Marcus born in a rush home be Trafford see where they shall see women sure nothing's alright in it I mean he's like that he's got right now question 5 what did Marcus I named my talk by this tunnel at Wembley the beautiful weather the London not like nightlife which he knows nothing about and the nightbeat's gonna go see the night boots do not even know no no no no the weather the weather the weather yeah you're right name why yes Sonia no no no it's a moment of the picture now my good yes and in it no no no maybe not right well I am not happy no but when the picture was taken what was he speaking no even what did you say sees yone you know what is Jesse's football boots eyes I'm gonna go for seven and a half always eight seven and a half eight or eight and a half nine eight seven and a half I think seven tomorrow I said seven and a half wrong oh yeah enough in football baseball what size it I'm seven huh you at eight and half in Boots yeah as your boots no no don't worry Joe who is Jesse sporting hero Cristiano Ronaldo Floyd Floyd Mayweather or Paul skulls I'm gonna say it's cold it's a tough funny / – probably more iconic but I know you're a noise is always um really at my school the ways cause you used to play so for me he's gonna he's gonna fix all who is justice sporting hero I said school litter yeah well done buddy folder which women's team does justice cousin Gabi George playful they ever and be Chelsea see Blackpool a every time ever in Chelsea or Blackpool ever yeah but she went on long I'll have a what she went on long alright so she sings a song lingered Oh mister more stuck Malakai munzo young team Bugsy I know this one you know linger no no no no like a deadening oh I'm just gonna guess between between B and C I'm gonna go for beam molokai Emma and mango see he sings the lingers and I said okay I'm gonna I was so busy mum okay Christine did Jessie do the Pied Piper done celebration Arsenal Leicester middle I'm gonna go for Lester I'm gonna go for Lester which team did Jesse do the Pied Piper damn celebration at noon and Lester is a bad friend you are the Middlesboro but friend oh yeah turbulent in school yeah I thought the scores on the doors is it for y'all I won't happen cuz I got more right than a board GA right more than you you know nobody's lying about issue sizing all right they're selling her body one and a half I wear party to a knife and boots no you don't you're not a size 8 and huh like hadn't you fit in my boots an aside he ain't no but why can't you wear my boots we've got an eye candy hi I'm Jesse lingard and I'm Marcus Rushford and this is bleep roommate sorry sorry sorry sorry what are you gonna say later on teamwork teammates teammates hi I'm Jesse lingard and I'm Marcus Rushford and this is roommates

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  1. I'm a Middlesbrough fan and we go absolutely thrashed by Man U that match he did the Piper dance. And rashford who scored can't remember.

  2. Watched this last year before the WC and Im still laughing hard watching this now bcs Its still hard for me to understand the whole conversation. But I love hearing lingard's accent 😍

  3. I don't know how many times I've watched this hehehe Rashford is actually hilarious 😂

    Jesse: how? what do you mean, but why?
    Marcus: cause it is, what do you mean but why
    Jesse: I listen to em on a regular
    Marcus: I don't
    Jesse: the weather? the weather?
    Marucs: yeah
    Jesse: the weather
    Marcus: yeah
    Jesse: but she went on loan tho
    Marcus: Everton
    Jesse: but she went on loan
    Marcus: aiit sweet to everton
    Jesse: how did you win
    Marcus: cause I got right than you
    Jesse: yea but what did you get right
    Marcus: more than you
    Deadddd😂💀 cutieeeee 3:11

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