REAL Barn Wood Beam Mantel

REAL Barn Wood Beam Mantel

you guys remember all those fireplaces I
found in my house well today we’re gonna put beams on them! so a year ago I tore down a
barn up in the mountains and I grabbed a bunch of the beams out of it i didnt have room in the shop so I threw them in this parking lot we’re gonna take
them inside I’m gonna show you how we’re gonna do
this thing all right people this is a beam I got
out of a barn about two years ago if yinz were following me on Instagram you
probably remember it and if you weren’t shame on you
again god that’s becoming more consistent just follow me on Instagram
but we’re gonna turn this into a mantel for my house as you know because I
probably said that in a clip that I shot after this but it put it before this in
the video in order to do so I get a ton of questions on cleaning these up
finishing mounting all that kind of good stuff so I’m gonna walk you through that
process so to start out a few things you’re gonna need a beam saw if you
don’t have one of those you can use this prazi beam cutter this is an attachment
that goes onto any regular circular saw and I’ll have a link down in the
description use this thing for years before I got this big mama jama and if
you don’t have either one of those you can go pure savage like I used to and
crosscut it on your bandsaw now someone come turn this thing on okay go the next
two tools that I highly recommend if you want to kind of restore beam and keep it
looking old is it either this which is my beloved brush sander or if you don’t
want to drop 600 bucks on our specialty tool like that you can use an angle
grinder with this is a coarse braided wheel or a soft wire wheel both of these
work great it helps you keep this is how you keep the saw marks in old wood and
don’t just like sand them all out keep all that character so before you cut
anything saying anything do anything you want to put on a respirator and I don’t
have one here but you want to remove all the nails if
you can we’re just gonna cut this mother sucker across where the nails are so I
can avoid taking them out like these ones we got pull out another very
important part of working with reclaimed anything is safety glasses and if you
want an awesome pair like these I’ve got them linked down below
they’re awesome see my eyes are perfect you gotta make sure you make sound
effects when you do literally everything makes it much fun and if you don’t have
a square corner I probably would advise not trying to keep a rough pace it’s
gonna be really hard to mount because I am a hashtag “ba-lessed” I’m gonna cut
this with my beam saw so technical is 64 if I want to cut that
back off right now we could do, to run against the fence. meant I could get this to be
almost a full whip or I could chop it down make it smaller I leave a little
three and a half inch per wheel on each side which would you do I’m gonna do the
ladder because I’m pretty fortunate and I have a huge bandsaw I happen to be
huge and I’m capable of using this myself I’m going to rip it down the
width on the bandsaw but if you can’t do that I would just use a circular saw to
cut it on both sides and then cut it by hands with a handsaw Oh okay hit a nail well that sure as hell didn’t work
probably need a bigger blade I don’t feel like putting my re-saw blade on so
we’re gonna freehand it again with the beam saw oh I always forget that we have
like no power at this table yeah uno momento much better than I smell so much better
than the saw why Japanese pull saw attempt number four should i flip it over? probably oh boy so while Sam was putzing around I got a
hammer down there and I ended up breaking it so we’re just gonna do that
ah that could be what nothing liked about the saw blades so those are called
nails the actual way you should probably be doing all of this is with an electric
chainsaw most of the pros use these I was trying to use a gambit of absurd
tools than most you probably don’t have but if you want to be working with beams
to get yourself an electric chainsaw so we’ve got some nail heads we cut off
here I don’t know one over those it’s my my plane I’m actually gonna run this
thing to the jointer so instead of trying to get them out I’m just gonna
beat them down more into the wood some people might not like this that’s an
easy solution we don’t actually need the whole thing
to be perfectly flat we just wanted to be close to flat to reference the wall
and that’s basically going to be it for this beam now a little sand show you how
to do that part and we’ll get the finish on it so once again I don’t have a
respirator projects go get my respirator it’s only 25 minutes away at my house
we’re going to clean this thing up this is a brush sander as I stated at the top
of the show there’s cheaper models than this I’m
gonna put a card right here or here whatever side screens on for the review
I did on these a couple years ago porter-cable makes a more affordable one
or you can make our huge mess with the UH the angle grinder so next step is
going to be dress up like you’re going to rob a bank in the 1800s and then go
to town I wanna be honest with you guys I’ve had
this thing for five years and I found out like a year ago that it had this
dust collection and never used it and I am so impressed and so sad for my lungs
for all of those years so after a little brushy-brush I then
move on to your regular hand sander you wanna be really light with it so you
don’t take the marks out that’s basically it for sanding I’ll
sand on the edges a little more this thing looks super gritty but it’s like
nice and smooth touch it Sam that’s smooth huh but it’s like impressively
smooth you wouldn’t think it’d be that smooth
look in my opinion any time you’re putting
the finish on something that’s got saw marks or defects and whatnot in it
brushing it you typically are gonna be wiping around a lot of the finish and it
just doesn’t look as good as spraying it so I would suggest either getting a
rattle can or I’ve got my HVLP here two finishes I recommend this is a two-part
catalyzed lacquer or general finishes enduro var I’ll have that link down
below all right so we got a second mantel then
I want to turn into a little bit more of a modern and smooth look
so we’re gonna go through the first steps that we did on the other one first
which is gonna be remove the nails cut it down to size once again I want to
make sure you remove all nails or if you have nail heads they’re embedded below
the surface and then joint it on two sides then you want to Ram your huge beam
through your planer you want to give our Sanding break these
edges then will go on a little finish. let us spray alright so to mount the
mantle I use sleeves and lag bolts it’s quite neat you want to make sure that
your sleeves are mounted in the center of bricks so if you’re going to be
having a 15-inch up to the bottom here I’ve got a 7 inch mantle that brings me
up to here it means gonna be in the center of these bricks here so we’re
gonna be about three and a half inches up from our mark of 15
that’ll actually put our reference hole in the center of the other beam give or
take now I want to find the center of “My Fireplace” fortunately for us it’s
at the beautiful length of 58 and 3/4 of an inch and half of that what tell me in
the comments right now tell me in the comments thank you commenter let make a
line I can see it because Sam is a math wizard he found
Center at 29 and 3/8 I’ll let you work off Center these beams are my beam I
think is about 56 inches long so using three lags I should be able to get fifty
fifty four hundred three quarters using three lags from Center I should be able
to get less than 24 inches between them which is plenty of support so just want
to make sure when you’re making your reference points that you are in full
bricks one thing we might run into you here is that because there’s nothing
behind this one I might actually explode this brick out I want to be in the
center of this brick here so we’re gonna come 15 inches out on this side
15 inches on this sergeant good this is what you call hammer drill
this is actually a rotary hammer drill it’s an SDS very nice tool to have if
you don’t have one of these I highly suggest investing in one I didn’t have
one until about seven months ago when I would kiss good night but now that I do
have it I love using it I used your standard hammer drill for years you can
tell it’s a hammer drill by the hammer what the hammer does is it would be
really while you’re drilling and that’s how you use it in masonry you must have
a hammer drill or masonry you must also have a masonry bit for you drill protect your
face these are masonry sleeves all of them link
down below what happens here is you can see crew goes in flag goes in expands in
the back keeps it from pulling out you can epoxy these in they make tons of
them if you’re not comfortable with this or if your bricks really shitty you want
to go ahead with the epoxy one want to make sure that the expansion is in the
back that way it can’t pull out get this started
shove it in there slightly are things slightly under 7 inches so I’m gonna go
about three and a half to six these how we’re gonna move our beam on to the wall
now here’s what I do that a lot of people probably don’t and I don’t really
care what you say is I cut the head off if you don’t have a porta-band you can
use a hacksaw I would suggest not using an angle grinder because it throws
sparks you could do that too if you like live life on the edge what I like to do is take my beam
because im a sasquatch set it roughly on the wall where it’s gonna be I then know
that I have 54 3/4 speed and fifty eight and three-quarter inch wall which means
I’m gonna have two inches of space on each side the reason I can do it this
way is instead of trying to measure and find my reference hold I just work on
the bottom to make a little tick mark on each side of the bolt I’m a genetic
technology now I can use the square to find Center boom there’s my next mark there’s my next mark
this is a half inch bit it actually happens to be a pocket hole bit I would
suggest using a brad point bit you just want to drill the hole as plumbing
squares possibly can make sure you’re removing the material from a fill this
is where unless you’re a sasquatch you phone a friend and I am a sasquatch but
I’m still gonna phone a friend because he’s right here I’m gonna find the hole pass block it into the wall if you don’t
feel comfortable with how this is if you have children or monkeys then perhaps
would like to rip this off the wall what some people do is they take a pocket
hole bit like this they’ll drill down into the wood and whatever point they’d
like and then they’ll run a tap con pocket hold screw into the brick that
sets everything back in there and that’s a good technique and then you could just
cover it with whatever you’re putting on there succulent or a candle but besides
that this thing seems pretty much done so you guys so much for checking this
one out these beams add a ton of beauty and aesthetic to any room super easy to
install and I hope you guys got something out of this video watching me
do so big thank you goes out to woodcraft for sponsoring this build if
you guys are interested in any of the tools I used to break these beams down
and get them on the walls they’re all available at woodcraft but I got a link
down below make sure you’re subscribed to the channel that way you can watch me
do this all the damn time that’s what we do yeah we actually do put more than
just beams in like we made that and I made this and then we made this and we
made that lastly stop hesitating and go put a damn beam on the wall because it’s
way easier than you thought and then when you’re done you get to punch it

41 Replies to “REAL Barn Wood Beam Mantel”

  1. Another great job sir. I started a channel and would live some support in getting started with some subscribers. That would be greatly appreciated. You may find some ideas on there as well. Good job on the channel have a good day.

  2. Nice job! You have great taste John that mantle looks perfect. Also glad you showed how things don't always go as planned with the cutting part!

  3. I found the mounting method to be somewhat difficult, having to drill the holes exactly spot on and perfectly at 90 deg. to the face of the shelf. If one hole were as little as 1/32 inch off, or one hole drilled slightly off the right angle, pushing the shelf onto the bolts would be a challenge at best. I do believe the woodworking gods were smiling on you that day.

  4. Great video. Instead of pocket holes for extra securing to the wall how well do you think filling the lag holes with epoxy would work?

  5. Some epoxy on the bolts would make a nice insurance against falling. Nice job and great video. Oh, and I hate you for having all those great tools.

  6. I was feeling crappy and trying not to laugh or even smile watching you do your thing…but, not possible. You are like therapy.

  7. Man, arenโ€™t you supposed to be on your honeymoon? Great video, I built houses an used old beams a lot. You have to make it up as you go.

  8. I've seen it done with basically the same method. Only using rebar as the anchors. Much stronger, and could never be pulled down by the rug rats. Nice vid though Mr. Malecki.๐Ÿ‘

  9. Love watching these kind of videos, and these ones are even better because you make them more entertaining with all the comedy!

  10. 3:08 My 14 yo son makes sound effects for literally everything (walking, breathing, being awake) except when he's eating which is about every 20 minutes. Nice to know it's just a dude thing and it's not actually something to worry about ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  11. Dude I just had to do this with a beam as a commission job, but I used one of the mantle brackets from Amazon. It was terrible! I really wish I had used the bolt method you showed. I had to drill over 5" holes on my drill press, where the slightest variation in the angle or anything caused all the poles to bend and bind before the beam got to the wall. You don't seem to go too far into the beam and aren't worried about it falling off, I wish I didn't overcompensate the depth of them like I did. Good stuff man!

  12. or …. you could lag bolt a 2×4 to the wall and cut a 2×4 slot in the back of the beam and slip it over the 2×4 and screw down the beam to the 2×4 from the top and it will be strong enough to sit onย ย ย  ………maybe ………. unless your a sasquatch

  13. Hell John, the way you handle that beam saw makes it look like a 7-1/4 circular saw. ๐Ÿ˜ respirators, youโ€™re wearing one, (tee shirt)
    I canโ€™t pass block the mantle to the wall, Iโ€™m from Cincinnati ๐Ÿˆ

  14. If you want to continue having fires, do you need to worry about drilling into the inner sleeve of the fireplace when mounting the beam? Thanks.

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