Real Life Wolf of Wall Street: Paying to Throw A Little Person | Body of Work

Real Life Wolf of Wall Street: Paying to Throw A Little Person | Body of Work

♪♪ -When I go,
I put on that helmet, I put on the harness. I am the superhero
for the night. I’m “Mighty” Mike Murga, and I’m the mini man behind
the dwarf-tossing extravaganza. -[ Grunts ] -Some people take it where
I discriminate little people for money,
and it’s like, I never say that. It’s my body. I can do with it
kind of what I want. Mighty Mike supports dwarf
tossing, little people, everybody,
peace and love, yeah. [ Growls ] ♪♪ -Whoo! ♪♪ -Since 2012, I’ve now done over 100 shows around Canada
and the United States. People love to throw a midget. ♪♪ -Wow. -I don’t believe that I’m
stereotyping, like, dwarfism. I’m just frigging good at it. Like — Like, that’s — that’s
the end of the story. I’m not calling out
Little People of America. I’m not calling out
Little People of Canada. They’re calling me out
that I’m bad news. I’m a bad image
for little people. I’m not displaying that
in any way, shape, or form. What I’m displaying is, hey, you
want to throw a little person? Pay a few bucks. Now is your chance,
one night only, ta-da! -Is this derogatory
to the little-person community, or is this person actually advocating
for themselves saying, “I’m a grown-ass man
or a grown-ass woman, and I’m going to do this because
this is what I feel like doing, and there’s clearly
a market out there, and I’m going to exploit it because this is
a capitalist country.” -When kids are like, “Grandpa,
what did you do for fun back in the day?”
I want to be able to say, “I watched people shake their
ass and threw some midgets.” ♪♪ -Eight and a half feet.
-Oh! That’s right.
That’s what I’m talking about. -It is a situation of — of, no, you can’t pick up
the little person and throw him. I’m asking you to throw me,
you know, for a little reimbursement,
but I do it as a sport. It is a sport to me.
I didn’t create it. I’m just capitalizing on it
and making it fun and entertaining guests
and entertaining audiences. ♪♪ ♪♪ -Oh! -I have to be very cautious because dwarfism is basically
our spine is crushing, and it’s shrinking
as we’re getting older. ♪♪ Okay. Okay, give me 1 minute,
and then I’ll do chest. Then we’re done. I force myself a lot to work out
and train, like, so I push my limits, but a lot of people
don’t have my drive, so a lot of little people
just don’t have that [growls] that…
[ Grunting ] I wanted to be a professional
body builder, and I went, and I did that
for like 2 years. Then all of a sudden
came circus, and circus, I juggle, unicycle,
blow fire, touring with a lot
of rock-and-roll bands like Motley Crue
and Britney Spears. I got to tour half the world. People like that I’m, like,
a ripped little midget. Argh, yeah. The cane just
keeps me stabilized a little more
and just keeps… You know, I’m turning into
an old man a little bit here. I’m going to be 40, but I use it
for a little bit of stability when I walk
because us little people, we put a lot of wear and tear on
our knees throughout our lives, and so I just keep it just to,
you know, just to be safe. Me, I’m 4-foot-3,
and I’m a dwarf. I have a wobble butt,
and I have achondroplasia. I was a heavy baby,
and my head was bigger, and the doctor said to
my parents I would never walk, but my mom and my dad, they force walked me,
and then I — So I kind of, like,
got to straighten out my limbs, and I got to kind of fight
through it without surgery. If somebody comes and says
something, even if it’s rude,
I always treat it nice because a lot of people
don’t know better. What’s a dwarf?
What’s a little person? What’s a midget?
So I just be myself. Growing up, shit,
it was a challenge. I went through
a lot of bullying. I went through
a lot of fistfights. When people said the M word,
I, like, got back in their face. I’d go, “What?
You just call me a midget?” Boom! At a very young age, I realized I need to do something
with my life to prove a point… and I believe I just did. -I know you volunteered
yourself to do this, but in a way,
I feel disrespectful. Like, I’m just going to pick up
a person and throw you? Like…
Like, what about your feelings? Like, what about your —
Like, how do you — Like, how do you feel
about this, like? -But the thing is
I make people happy. I make people excited and happy. So I don’t, you know… -I just feel like you’re more
than that, that I would give you
enough respect that I wouldn’t want
to throw you just because
I would feel like — Yeah, like, so you’re
a little person, and it’s funny, and everybody gets a laugh,
and it’s great, but, like, you’re still a fucking person,
and that’s not fucking nice. -Well, eventually I’ll retire.
-Maybe I’ll do it. -But for now —
-I don’t know. -But for now,
I’m still rocking it. The first dwarf toss was
in Detroit, Michigan on 2012. When I went into this,
part of me were like, “Do I know what I’m doing?” Part of me was like,
“It pays well.” You know, we didn’t have, like,
a format, which took time to make,
so that was, like, the hardest part,
to figure out, like, how to do this
where I can live the next day. So we figured out
the right mattresses. I, like,
got this bicycle helmet. I ripped up the Styrofoam
out of it to make it, like, nice and tight. This harness holds like
600 pounds, and then I got the right
weightlifting belt for, like, a 300-pound guy to go
and, like, constrict and lock the back so nothing happens
while I’m being tossed, that my hips don’t go one way
and my body goes another. You’re going to grab
by this belt in the back and this gold piece.
-The hilt, right? -Yeah, that’s it, and the thing
is no leaning back. Pick up.
Throw. -All right. -Okay, ready?
-Yeah. -Ready, my dude?
-Yeah, pick-up drill. Go. ♪♪ -Pick up. Go. Tell him where to grab.
-Yeah, I told him. -He’s not grab —
-Yeah, go ahead. ♪♪ -Right there? -All right.
Let’s see. -When I do the dwarf toss,
I’m not afraid of it. I get pumped.
I get so motivated when I do it, but when I go and do,
and then that punch, and then, like,
I just feel indestructible. I just, like, do it. When I do dwarf tossing
and dwarf bowling, it feels like I’m like a hero. You know, I’m a hero for myself, and I’m happy that I get
to interact with new people. The thing is, being bullied
throughout school, I always told them I would go
and become a superstar. Midget tossing is the way
I became a superstar, okay? So… So I’m not going to brag
or play it off. It’s just, hey, I told you so. I don’t say for every
little person to do this. This is me and me only,
and I’m proud of what I do, and I’m proud that I bring
in an audience and entertain them in my way, and I believe it’s just a unique
type of way of entertainment that I’m having fun with. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ -Them in my way, and I believe
it’s just a unique type of way of entertainment
that I’m having fun with. ♪♪ ♪♪

100 Replies to “Real Life Wolf of Wall Street: Paying to Throw A Little Person | Body of Work”

  1. Stoned/drunk stripper upset by Mighty Mike being thrown around for money by his choice, who shoots ping pong balls and bananas out of her cooch, to get dollar bills stuffed into it. Mmmmmkay

  2. 4:50 its hilarioussss to hear "gravity" the stripper talk to the dwarf about demeaning himself. lmaoooo! pot meet kettle

  3. 4:50 no lie, irony. But hey, all my friends enjoyed to toss me in the pool, I was the shortest and lightest. Good times. Lol

  4. People are laughing at him. He’s a joke. He’s being used as a commodity. Nothing more. What next, tall people are going to go into a small people community and let them climb them like a mountain.

  5. They didn't even put him in all velcro and try and throw him at a fuzzy dart board? You're just under-utilizing our midget friend here.

  6. Fu***ng do your job, dude!
    Do your fuc***g job!!
    Ain't he a precious little diva with his cute special-helmet😍
    Freaking Wee Man wannabe!💩

  7. I thought it was ironic that the stripper was lecturing him. They are both adults doing jobs that other people look down on them for. I would think she would understand him better than most

  8. 4:55: If you want to see or hear how someone acts after getting high on opiates. Not to mention she's talking about "disrespecting yourself" when she is literally selling her ass $1 at a time. 🤦 Props to Vice for the title of "Stripper" and not "Exotic Dancer" or "Entertainer". Thank you for calling it what it is!

  9. What am I missing here, what is so entertaining about throwing a little person 3 feet onto an air mattress?

    What has our society come to when people get enjoyment out of ridiculing others for the sake of entertainment?

  10. My friend:ay what should we do this weekend?
    Me: Let's go drink beer and toss people of short sizes on inflated beds.
    My friend:Sounds like a plan.

  11. people who used to be in freak shows actually liked it because it provided a good income in past times where poverty would kill you.

  12. 1:06 You're just freaking good at what, dwarfism? You're good at being a dwarf? Was he thrown on his head?

  13. Sometimes people create meaning and purpose from the most trivial and juvenile things to make themselves feel better. Sorry to say it but I believe this is what he’s doing. Talking about kids that would bully him back in school and how he’s proving that he’s accomplished something in the face of adversity… sorry but having the job of people picking u up and throwing you isn’t proving anything to anyone and I also wouldn’t classify it as an accomplishment.

  14. I feel more stupid now.
    Remember when vice had good gonzo journalism videos? I miss that.
    From the stories of heroin addicts on the street, to fucking dwarf tossing.
    Fuck me this is dumb.

    “We’re a capitalist country, so we get to toss dwarfs “
    Sure you do, Billy Bob Bill, sure you do.

  15. that girl standing up for "his rights" is ridiculous. its these wannabe heroes ,that are ruining the world today. like a white person telling a black person what they should be offended by. or a drunk girl ,telling this dude what he should or shouldnt do. with social media, everyone wants to act like they know whats best for everyone else. how about we ask the people involved in these situations ,what they want before we go acting like some sort of proffesional in all things "rascist", or "prejuduce", or "belittleing". if the dude was 5 feet tall , she wouldnt care . but because he is shorter then the average, then its wrong. if what someone is doing isnt hurting the person it is being done to, it is even causing them joy. then how the hell is it belittling. we are so aggresive with trying to right wrongs of the past that we are causing more pain then good. people are picking every sentance apart, and watching every video just looking for someone to attack, i guess it makes them feel good.but isnt that how rascism and predjuduce and all the other evil things started. by a person thinking they were better then someone else and using hateful terms and descriptions to put these people down. so if she went to all these men throwing this guy and called them names and acted like she was better then them for making her would that not have the same bad effect as prejudice iteself. before we go acting like we are going to save all these people from injustice. why dont we ask if they wanted saving in the first place.

  16. Those are not throws, what's up with these pussies. . . The slender strippers will do better that those dorks.

    Guessing Gravity strips to pay for her heroin habit. She was fucked.

  17. I value his work a lot, his honesty and hard work. He is capitalizing on people's selfishness, lack of sensitivity and disrespect.

    I am certain that he would not be doing this job if he was offered some interesting job that paid him more and was not involving submitting yourself for exploitation to entertain others. Just as no stripper or escort girl would ever do that job if they were not forced to do it by life circumstances.

    I would never throw him, same as would never step in to strip club as I would never support exploitation and objectification of other human being.

  18. Did he say “he’s good at it”? That’s like saying the football is the star of the game.
    I really want to throw a midget.

  19. I mean he is happy and has fun, makes an income and the people that throw him get a laugh out of it as well. I think it brings normal people closer to midgets and may be even somehow positive for the midget community since this is his own will.
    What do you think?

  20. The worst midget throws I have seen, you need to do a 180 and rotate at the end from the hip, a strong man could easily throw a adult dwarf 5 meters.

  21. Who's more epic? The enlightened guy with pajama pants on at a strip club or the stripper that gave a lecture on respecting your body.

  22. That stripper telling him what to do pissed me off, shes definitely on drugs and fucking dudes in some alley for $30. STFU

  23. Freind – what you up to tonight then
    Me – oh u know nothing much just gonna toss a few migets and get drunk wbu
    Freind – 😲

  24. If I’m gonna pay for launching someone with dwarfism, I’d want to launch them out of a cannon in the shape of a vagina with legs in stirrups on the sides. Have them completely naked covered in goo, with a fake umbilical cord prosthetic and launch their little ass into a dumpster full of plush dead babies. ( ya know, for cushion ) Money well spent! 😂

  25. The people that advocate against this aren't even little people. The midgets themselves could care less. Dude's getting thrown in a strip club and getting paid. Probably also getting more ass than me and you every night.

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