8 Replies to “RECREATIONAL PILOT CERTIFICATE: Flying Lesson #4 Circuit Training | Audio | ywol”

  1. Yep had my first Circuit training last sat…….. been down since last week after a few bad landings and feeling out of my depth, Great videos & thanks for sharing, Going next Friday of coursel, Looks like its just part of the process of becoming a pilot.

  2. Oh man that video is awesome!!!I love your vids and especially the refueling lesson with the Jabiru!!!!

  3. I'm at a similar stage in flying training and find your raw video very informative. I reckon we learn more from our mistakes than our successes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. very good informative video mate!! so much to do in so little time.. I am doing my circuit lessons at the moment, thats how i came across your video.

  5. Hi ThereI am Waiting for my J430 to be delivered and will then start training. Very informative and being unedited makes it so real. Thank you very informative.

  6. well done mate, have watched all your vids so far. I would definitely love to obtain a rpl one day. I have to ask, what is the average cost range from start to finish to obtain that? (not what you paid of course)

  7. Thanks mate. Feeling a bit down after this lesson. Landings were pretty awful…got to work on keeping the nose straight during the flare.

    Instructor said next lesson we will do some low level passes so I can get a better feel for keeping the nose straight and the plane tracking down the centreline.

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