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  1. I bought my plunger button and literally broke it in 2 minutes (it can still be used but the click when turning the knob has disappeared) 😢

  2. Watch Nusensei at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGz1-JlKZho if you want to know about plunger a bit more.

  3. Could have been alot simpler to show the plunger button on the bow so we could see how it works. I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

  4. would have been nice if you showed how the plunger fits on a bow instead of the long winded speech on the benefits of a plunger. Most of us are new to plungers and need to see how it is mounted, and not willing to listen to long speeches without a demonstration.

  5. Is it ok to watch 'through' the string or do I watch left of the string and compensate with the plunger? (I'm using the stringwalking method btw)

  6. I'll go and review your beginners guide video but it would have been good to show (as a recap) where the plunger button is installed on the the riser (most know where this is, but some don't) and show who the arrow interacts with the plunger.

  7. Nice video, but this is another "explanation" that does not actually explain anything! I have never seen/read/heard an explanation that actually discusses the physics/engineering of what is going on. I asked an archer/physicist friend, and he said "the button is a boundary condition in the non-linear differential equations that can be used model arrow dynamics".

    The button can be used to set "centre shot" (or center shot, in the USA), and the spring tension adjustment 'appears' so do something with arrow arrow tuning… but what exactly? It is a "boundary condition". Arrow dynamics are a complex system, and are not easily explained.

    Me? I don't use a button, but one of the Barner wire rests.

    Here is my page on arrow flight: http://www.meta-synthesis.com/archery/archery.html

  8. Very clear and simple explanation, thanks! And you got my subscription with that comment about Twitter, I still haven't figured it out either…

  9. +Tom Daigon, I had a couple of drawings prepared but I forgot them at my dorm room and I film at home. And I really did not want the video to be delayed any longer.
    But you are absolutely right, some of my other videos could also definitely use some visual support.

  10. Well done! I always enjoy the clarity of your explanations and the articulate manner in which you share them. Only thing I might add is a little more visuals to support some of the info.

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