Recurve bow building – how to back a bow with snake skin

Recurve bow building – how to back a bow with snake skin

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  1. that is the sexiest bow I've ever seen!! I think the next snake that crosses the road in front of me might be in trouble 😉

  2. Okay Mr. Hayes… I have found myself in a pickle. I have been shooting my bow since I was 4 years old and I am now 21 but I’ve always shot right handed in that time frame. My current bow is 45lbs at 28” but with my draw it’s around 47-49lbs. I was recently given a left handed bow and never thought anything of it. Well the other day I was just wondering what on earth I was gonna do with it. It’s a 50lb Shakespeare Necedah x-26 58”. So I decided to just go try it out just out of fun. But I ended up finding out that I shoot better with it left handed than I do with my right handed bows. It feels more natural and I’m much more consistent. But I am right eye dominant so I was gap shooting it and driving tacks anywhere from 10yrds to 40ish. So my question is, should I make the switch to lefty or just forget about it and keep doing what I’m doing with my right hand bows?

  3. Hey bud how come you dont sell any of your bows i wouldnt mind buying one with some arrows bc there is no way id ever be able to build on as much as id love to.

  4. Didn't care much for the nocks at first but with that snake skin they really look good. Beautiful bow. A lot better looking than fiber glass. Hang that bow on the wall in your living room to show it off. It's a show piece.

  5. Hear that mockingbird after dark, I’ve just moved to the mountains but I’ve lived in palm Coast Florida for several years, there was a mockingbird that came to an orange tree in my backyard for three years, he’d sing from 10 pm till dawn sometimes. I actually snuck up on him and filmed him singing one night by holding up my cellphone camera to one of the eye pieces of my PVS7 night vision. I don’t know how they don’t get eaten by snakes and house cats singing in the dark like that.

  6. Another fantastic vid clay. very much appreciated. hope to be working with some snake skin in the near future. what might help you to dry out your wood more efficiently try putting a dehumidifier in the box instead of the heat lamps. it wil regulate the heat / moisture evaporation alot easier with less chance of the wood warping or splitting. i use it for prepping my woodturning and knife blanks. would work great in that small area.

  7. Does sinew backing make Osage any faster? My Osage selfbow shoots faster than a custom longbow I bought years ago that’s Osage with fiberglass laminates.

  8. On your video of sinew backing this bow it looked like you don't heat up your gelatin hide glue before use. Is that what you do or was that just missing from the video?

  9. Can snakeskin be used on a machine made recurve to make it a little different from the norm, great work by the way Clay.

  10. Please tell me your going to keep uploading the red cedar selfbow videios I was really getting into that one.

  11. tru-oil=amazing that skin looked phenomenal. great work, im definitely building a sinew and snake skin backed bow because of this video. probably hickory, thanks a million!

  12. What a coincidence I use t-shirt material in the internal glueing process. Of making my scrapper slingshot frames, accept I bond in a different way.

  13. Looks great Clay, well done. Can't wait to see some hunting series videos with this beauty. This is definitely on my to-do list.

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