26 Replies to “Recurve Bow Deer Hunt 2014 – Stalking – Shane”

  1. Probably just might have caught the back of one lung/liver. I have had ribs and other bones make arrows do weird stuff. But that was a amazing hunt nevertheless, and my hats off to you. Been wanting a Bob Lee for a while, beautiful bows and I here they shoot nice. I have a bear super Kodiak and have been looking at widows and the Lee's and your videos are not helping lol. Well keep up the videos and God bless you and happy hunting

  2. you really should of took a couple minutes and drove an arrow straight in heart while she was wounded

  3. Sometimes it all looks perfect? That shot you would think she'd lived 15/30 seconds tops. Nice hunt good job!

  4. Don't beat yourself up about it you tagged out and deer have a lower metabolism in winter they bleed out wayyyyy slower and I think the shot might have been a quarter inch low. Great doe man

  5. I think deer are harder to kill in the late season..I think their metabolism is much slower to save energy so they bleed out slower.. 

  6. I know somebody that shot a nice little buck with a crossbow at like 20yards hit dead center be hind the front shoulder did a complete pass threw and he never found him. It is weird and very rare when that happens but it does happen atleast you got her.

  7. Great job Shane. Why can't people take the hunt for what it is? People have to comment, it was to far back. Slow, painful way to die. I would dare say that most of us hunters rarely have the PERFECT SHOT! It may have been a little back on the entry, but the shot had enough angle to get vitals. Come on folks. These guys do a great job doing what most of us wish we could do. Video hunts for all to enjoy! If you can't say something nice, or encouraging, be quiet….

  8. Liver shot deer most like.  Fatal, but takes longer, May have clipped one lung, but they can go a long way if you don't get both lungs.  Lung blood is usually lighter red and foamy.  Your blood looked darker red like liver and arterial blood. I use Magnus two and four blades along with other type heads.  I like two blades for traditional archery because for me they fly better and penetrate better.

  9. sweet hunt, that snow sure is a huge help during a tracking job isnt it. I d take snow over warm weather every deer hunting day.

  10. Yep. Shot was way back but hey you got her. Auxiliary blades do wonders for 2 blade broad heads.

  11. Did look a little low and slightly back to me but in the end it got the job done, good job on the recovery.  I love seeing hunts with longbows and recurves thanks for sharing.

  12. Shot was too far back and to low to have gotten any vitals. Very glad you got her and was able to do so on camera. In the future, maybe don't tell everyone it took the deer 6 hours to die. Just saying.

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