Recurve Bow Deer Hunting Archery Buck 2014

Recurve Bow Deer Hunting Archery Buck 2014

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  1. all people bitchin about hunting and killing animals are the ones who can't experience it and on top of that stress more because they're not getting the correct proteins and fats face facts weirdos

  2. was this a lung shot or was it guts and liver. looked far back with the angle of the deer. all aside nice buck, and good luck this upcoming season.

  3. Jeez you guys slam em with a recurve and i can even get a deer in range fir a compound. I live in the county next to you

  4. hi, I am looking at getting a bow, and had though for hunting you needed a compound bow as the draw is heavier… most of the recurve bows here (Ireland) are 34 lbs or under draw, what draw is needed to kill humanely. ? thanks.

  5. Can you guys tell a big difference in the bob lee's that contain micarta versus the ones that are straight laminated wood? I'm thinking about getting one but I don't know if I want to spend the extra money on the micarta bicentennial version.

  6. So I have a buddy that says that it's impossible take a deer with my recurve bow. I understand that, at least on paper, it will be very difficult and I have some questions. I just got a Darton recurve bow that is #44 and I have no intention of hunting a deer, at all, until I am shooting tight groups(3 in) at 20 yards. What do you recommend for making this a possibility that I probably overlooked? arrow types, lengths, tips, etc.

  7. May i ask, what broadhead are u using……im thinking about using woodsman but not sure, is there anything better than woodsman?

  8. love ur videos don't stop guys u got me In a frenzy I'm 14 an hunt with a recurve 55 pound can get it done

  9. Alison Needham or however u spell it I'm fourteen and I think that.people that hunt are closer to God and closer to the land if people need meat we should be able to go get meat what if u saw a wolf kill a deer a wolf killing a deer is like 10 times more cruel then have a bullet go through them half the time that don't no they bin hit because it goes through them so shut up

  10. I agree, going out and killing and eating an animal is more fair than breeding it and killing. You do what humans have done for millions of years. Some people just are too ignorant to realize that.

  11. Why is it there's always people on hunting videos bitching in the comments? I mean seriously killing and eating animals is natural, plus people always say this is cruel but buying store bought meat isn't but these animals lived free until you killed them, store bought meat lived in a cage. Not that I thinks it cruel either way at all I'm just saying. All of you people complaining have thousands upon thousands of ancestors who killed and ate animals to survive and without that you, me and everyone wouldn't be here. Seriously just get over it. You don't wanna eat meat fine but at least don't bitch about people who do.

  12. @Son Of Montreal, it is because of the high amounts of adrenaline in their body…I have experienced the same effect after harvesting a turkey. The adrenaline will build up to the point of nausea in some which can cause a gag reflex, or it can cause a weird feeling in the back of the throat, also causing a gag reflex. Hope this answers your question.

  13. You guys should try in Guam I bet you guys won't catch any thing .The deer here on Guam are very smart.I suggest you guys try it out

  14. I wonder what do these people think? Even think before talk/type at all? Hunting for food / eating what you hunt; is very humane. Hunting with bow and arrow is even more humane than hunting with rifle. Also do you think meat you have in your burger that was once a cow or whatever died from old age and served afterwards? Probably killed by a butcher in the worst nasty way. I do agree hunting for fun, killing animals that we don`t eat is disgusting and those people will burn in hell if hell really exists, i do respect vegetarians too but we need the same respect back, you hunt plants for food we hunt animals for food.

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