Recurve Bow Doe Kill PA Archery Season 2016

Recurve Bow Doe Kill PA Archery Season 2016

it's Friday October 28 2016 just gotta settle in the tree around five o'clock right now button in the same area I shot like eight point two years ago with a recurve shot at my right over there probably sixty yards but this has always been a good spot to make it really Aspen I've been here earlier in the year but I haven't been hunting it too much I can shoot a buck or a doe here and hopefully something will walk on here this evening it's rots kicking in the Bucks are starting to move so we're only hoping for the best maybe we hit the grunt tube get one fired up to come in but I'll gladly take a doe to stick around this evening yeah I'm trying to explain what just happened well it's still a little wet out right before 6:30 I your dear coming so I got ready and I can hear think of dead those were like bleeding crowning they're coming in there's probably ten of them there was more coming off the hill only joined them and the heat thing they went around me probably 70 60 yards used another trail for deer for doe came right to me that was my dear one that's right under my tree five yards and I shot her little back in the air was sticking out probably I don't know I probably had a foot of an arrow sticking out of her but she ran about sixty yards and stood out there and she just she just never had she stood out there for a while so I'm gonna give this deer plenty of time I'm gonna sit in this tree for probably another hour or two I'm not gonna push that deer anywhere be really patient there's a lethal hit I just caught a waiter go back to the house and check the video on the computer it's hard to tell where exactly I hit that deer she ran off like she was hit pretty hard then she went about 60 70 yards and just stopped in here moved for ten minutes maybe and then she just took off running maybe like four thirty yards and then I didn't hear again so I don't know where this deer could be we're just letting her said all night coming back in the morning playing a safe so hopefully just beds down and finer in the morning so I'll stick around hopefully there's good news I'm not sure my exit wound on her so he came out this let her go overnight came out this morning now just trying to retrace her steps before I saw it I thought I saw her go to fallen trees over here I saw her stop at for a little bit all right make our way over there to kind of look for blood I'll sure how much we're gonna find but got good penetration over hopefully we find her this morning touch the ground no there's no blood yeah this is where she ran whatever I heard her way easier than I thought it was oh let's go down that's a good job the air went out the bottom I can't believe you didn't get any blood yes no she didn't go far cut that shot ever my dear no it's not but it never probably well yeah down through the spine and I don't understand there's not a blood trail at all here then you have a whole lot the bottom of her that's yes got a doe 2016 3 curve yeah even go hundred yards how do you think she went right where I thought she'd be I didn't think it'd be this easy I never could we wouldn't have any blood but yeah I didn't put the greatest shot on her by no means but and I'm getting something good she didn't go that far and she definitely died last night stiff as a board so I couldn't be more happy I'm shooting a 55-pound Cameron handcrafted by a Mark lover pan archery works 25 pounds 28 inches there's my third deer with this bow and I couldn't be happier I'm shooting with a gold tip blemish as ya got hundred grain brass insert 125 grand – blade is Ricky brought head and it did the job on this dough so I shot her at five yards right below the tree I'm not the best shot again I'm but hey they got the job done and I'm happy to fill my dog tag the Box are moving we got three weeks left I'll probably – two weeks left now the PA archery season so hopefully you get a bucking range a lot of bucks moving around the ruts in so maybe get us another shot this week or maybe this evening

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  1. Good deal, post the stick bow stuff ! Ive been a trad man fir years and its awsome to see a like minded woodsman, bowhuntin has never been a game of how far , but always how close , using a traditional bow and equiptment is a humbling experience and you pulled it of in fine style , turkey season is right around the corner ,i wish you luck this spring my friend, 🦃🦃⚡⚡

  2. Nice shot. I tried a long bow once and just couldn't shoot consistent enough to take it to the woods. Congrats on a nice doe

  3. there no blood because there no exit I bet when you feel dressed her all that blood came gushing out that's awesome man take a lot of skill congratulations!!!

  4. Well done! Good call on waiting till the next day. Sometimes that's a hard thing to do, but it was the smart thing to do. Now go find that buck!

  5. Nice video, congrats! Hey if you go into your You Tube enhancements for this video and click Auto fix, it should help the quality of this video. I noticed that when I use my Sony Handicam and do that, it really improves the picture quality. It takes YouTube a little while to do it but it looks better.

  6. Awesome job, congratulations that's a accomplishment to get a deer with traditional equipment, I never did, best of luck the rest of the season and thanks for sharing your videos.

  7. Nice one! I had the same thing happen to a doe I shot early in the season. Made a passthrough through the liver and had zero blood, but found her the next morning only about 80 yards from my stand. Crazy

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