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  1. Thanks for the informative content. Have you done similar testing for bow speed and efficiency with changing draw lengths? If I increase my draw length by 1" how much speed in a recurve bow do I gain. Another question, if I'm shooting a 50# recurve at 27" draw, how much additional draw length do I need to increase out of a 49# bow to equal the arrow velocity of the 50# bow?

  2. What would be interesting is to continue shooting heavier and heavier arrows until the kinetic energy starts to drop. this will give you the most efficiency.

  3. we are talking about torque and horse power. speed and Braun. limbs can only rebound so fast, but the Braun behind the rebound increases with higher poundage. try shooting the heaviest arrow possible on each and I bet your fps difference will increase significantly. thx

  4. As far as efficiency, does the speed that the different limbs flex calculate in somehow? Poundage is one thing, but not everything. Say one limb weighs 10 ounces and another 20 may differ your results????

  5. Very harsh high pitch hissing the entirety but thank you for the very informative video. Was worth the pain.

  6. It's interesting that you only have 3lb a difference between nominal to actual draw weight on your light limbs but 8lbs on both medium and heavy limbs. These were all long limbs (70in overall length)?

  7. I think bow efficiency can only be measured with heavier arrow weight (The point where momentum does not increase at a consistent rate). A 60lb bow is going to be more efficient at throwing a 600gn arrow than a 350gn arrow. But If you are only going to be shooting a 350gn arrow, there is no point in really shooting a lot of bow weight.

  8. I chronoed my 440gr ACE 520 arrows with 120gr points shot from 72" bow with 36# limbs from which I get 45,5#. The speed was 217fps.

  9. Very good data, once again presented in a well ordered manner. I have wondered what effect bow length and brace height have on force-draw curves and efficiency. For me, a longer bow is more comfortable, with a smoother draw and less (recurve) limb wobble. But I haven't spent much time shooting higher quality carbon/foam limbs. What say you on the subject?

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