30 Replies to “Recurve Bow Hunt at 10 Yards! – DEER VLOG S8 #24”

  1. Great Looking place to go and I don't see how you can loose with those great looking Broadheads!  Remember God is Good Congrats always exciting to be in the woods I always enjoy you great excitement thank you for sharing enjoyed the video.  God Bless

  2. Way to go Jacob! That is an impressive thing to do! I killed my first one with a recurve this year also!

  3. Due to the wind, or something we couldn't see on camera, that doe was on alert. It's hard even with todays compound bow speeds to make a quality shot when a deer is on alert.. Anyway congrats! Oh yah one more thing.. I've have been bowhunting religiously for 30 yrs.. I eat and breathe it..lol.. You are going to make bad shots.. I am always preaching and trying to take high quality lethal shots but it happens.. All you can do is practice practice practice.. Think and release… With alot of luck and some skill most of your arrows will hit their mark.. Congrats!

  4. Congratulations on a recurve bow doe. That’s a accomplishment. Keep on keeping on and Best of luck always and thanks for sharing your videos.

  5. That is definitely an awesome achievement! I actually built my own longbow last winter n was planning on shooting a deer with it but I must of messed up on the finish because I think it dried too much and one time I pulled it back this summer and it snapped in half and I punched myself in the face 🤦‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ I think I’m gonna try it sometime again but I think I’ll buy my next one lol

  6. Number one rule in Bowhunting Education GET THOSE BROADHEADS COVRERD

  7. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than to take a whitetail with a stick and string. Awesome hunt and many congrats to you.

  8. Listen people criticize based on their own hearts and has nothing to do with what you do or don’t do. Great shot with the stick and string. Way to give it up to the King. Awesome hunt.

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