40 Replies to “Recurve Bow Hunt Buck Kill 2011 Pa”

  1. Congratulations on a nice buck! I enjoy seeing traditional archery hunters become successful. Also, thank you for your appreciation of our veterans, it means a lot to us. God bless.

  2. Congrats on the first one.!!! Great looking buck.!!!! There is nothing like the feeling after you take that shot.!!!

  3. Excellent hunt, placement, and video. One thing- S. Reed, are you strapped in up in that tree? You're a hell of a ways up, buddy. Anyway, best luck for much of that same good hunting this year fellas. Shoot straight.

  4. Love your hunts guys really awesome stuff I'm from juniata county the only thing missing is your safety harness. ( I watched my best friend fall cause he didn't have one on). Love the hunts keep them comin!!

  5. I am shooting a Bob Lee @ 59# at 28''. I don't know the exect weight of my arrow but i shoot a 30'' goldtip 5575 with a 100 grain brass insert and 125 grain magnus stinger 2 blade broadhead.

  6. @Outdoorskid82 Sure it can. You just have to look for them. And that means not shooting the first spike that comes by. Sure if you need meat but if you wanna get a monster you have to let those ones walk.

  7. awesome shot and congratulations.. Next hunt wear that safety harness! I didn't when i was young and dumb and thankfully lucked out over the 15 yrs. Now I wouldn't even think about going up the tree without the safety vest on.. Its not fair to your family and the ones who might have to wipe your ass for you for the rest of your life should you fall and become a paralyzed or worse.

  8. If a man doesn't shoot a buck like that when it walks by, he's hunting for all the wrong reasons. Period.

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