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  1. Would a 30 lb bow kill a deer? I thinking about getting a recurve bow I have 3 Excalibur croosbows. JUST wanted to try something different thanks for your time.

  2. i have thought about buying a Wizard Camo Recurve bow it have only 10 lbs so i wounder if i can hunt with it? if not are there any way to increase its lbs? sorry for the stupid question but im realy very new to bows thx 🙂

  3. this is going to sound like a dick comment, but i do not intend it to be. How big are the deer in Pennsylvania i am from Michigan and usually we don't shoot them that small.

  4. Good to see people who hunt with recurve and/or traditional longbows. I'm of Native American descent (Mohawk/Metis) and still hunt this way – the way my father taught me. This way we learn to appreciate our food in a more sustainable way and hopefully with respect for the animal and nature. There is nothing inhumane about this at all – if you want to see inhumane, watch obese people gorging themselves on force-fed, mass produced beef.

  5. What a great shot. I have the same bow and may be ready by the end of this season to hunt with it. Can't wait.

  6. dont understand how at a funeral they leave the casket open so u can see the deceased seems kinnda disrespectfull to me but then again the dead person dont give a shit cause there dead im betting its the same with animals

  7. the purpose of hunting is for food that was a adult doe and lots of states have special does day to help thin them out because theres to many if you think the only reason for hunting is to bag a so called real game animal like a caribou or wild hog ( which is no real challenge to hunt btw ) then i feel sorry for you

  8. your a dumb ass that was an adult doe and u dont have to kill a monster buck to be a real hunter doe meat is venison same as a buck numb nutts unless your one of those trophy hunters only goes to hunt for the "big boys " and sit back with your buddys later on seeing whos got the bigger dick because your deer was a 10 point

  9. Yeah boys great stuff, I hope me and my buddys can get some good footage this fall to add to our channel.

  10. Can you guys recommend a good website for beginners? I'm getting back into archery but I only shoot a 25# recurve due to the fact of when I started I was little. Awesome shot though.

  11. Good job boy now hunt proper game like carabou or wild hog get a real kill under something thats not mature enough to even mate…….. I hope you at least respected your kill enough to eat it…..

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