Recurve Bow Hunting Elk on Public Land with Clay Hayes – DIY Archery Elk Day 6

Recurve Bow Hunting Elk on Public Land with Clay Hayes – DIY Archery Elk Day 6

well the elk have gone silent modes so normally when they're doing this I was just still hunt just slip around the woods real quiet but the snow is super crunchy and there's no way I mean they'd hear you coming from 200 yards away and so we're gonna head back camp hang out do a little bit of shooting they went up here to bed and so we might come back out here this evening and just kind of get down low and just wait for that wait for those downs downslope winds hopefully they'll come back out of the timber before it gets dark if not depending on what the weather doesn't make come out here and try to get up above them in the morning a little bit risky because we're still gonna have those down downstream thermals but I think they might be kicking that way a little bit instead of straight downhill so we'll just have to see what it does in the morning this episode of field tips is brought to you by Orion coolers I've been using these coolers for a little over a year now and absolutely love them they're tough as nails innovative and they'll hold ice forever Orion never lose your cool don't know how to dig a hole this is how you dig a proper hole let's open go vehicles go hot and fiery [Applause] did you see if they were lifting their nose is there anything when I got over there probably 60 yards but I'm gonna win just right off the back of my net I should have went part of the back I just got to get up above them the wind was perfect until I got I mean it was coming down this way the whole time so I got right up on them know all that snow fall off the trees yeah I think they're gonna be all around this circle [Applause] they are about 45 yards come on back of my neck now man let's pop up here see if we can see this other gal I'm gonna feed this way so I've got seven gals like the closest ones probably 40 yards it's a long shot it's low light just let him walk I never did catch up with those cows again and the rest of the season was much the same with all of us having close calls but ultimately no elk in the freezer some would question our decisions to limit ourselves like this to such primitive weapons especially when there's a freezer full of meat at stake but with deer season running well into December there's plenty of time for that this hunt was about testing our skills against theirs on a level field and as so often happens the elk were just plain better than us for this time at least but I think this evenness of match and its inherent uncertainty of outcome that is so magnetic without it challenge is simply a facade a flimsy construction to frame our ego and with it comes chance and luck and perseverance and the promise to come back next year to match our skills against theirs in this most ancient game

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  1. Clay, you guys are putting out some awesome content, just watched the 6 elk hunts, some really cool depictions!

    After 19 seasons with a compound, i will be packing a recurve this year, lots to take in, but you have been a great resource, keep up the good work, and thanks!

  2. I have really enjoyed this series. I have taken 25 trips out west with my bow ( compound ) and only come back with 5 deer and 0 elk. My friends always ask, why do i waste my money? Well i tell them that unless they go with me 1 time they will never understand that I have never wasted a dime. Now im a trad guy and its going to be even harder to connect, but to me, Its not hunting unless there is a challenge and some suffering

  3. Man…during this series I was thinking I'm going to try this trad bow thing and put the compound down for a while. Then I heard clay say that 35 yards was a long shot. I'll be sticking to the compound, I'm not good enough with stalking to limit myself to under 35 yards.

  4. Outstanding! Loved the video. It's tough to spend the time and effort and not take an animal, but that's hunting, and you show it like it is. God bless.

  5. Mad respect and admiration also for your decision not to take the shot. Great approach… you play the ancient game… thanks for sharing!

  6. Clay I look forward to your videos and appreciate your ethical hunting, rather than some ''hunting" sites that are of the kill to hunt, hunt to kill run and gun variety. Keep up the good work. The dancing around the fire in the hole was a little scary tho!

  7. That is what it is all about. Not the kill, but the experience and memories made while having a deep respect for the land and animals-which you definitely do. Great video!

  8. Dude your the man …I am all about traditional bows …but a self bow that's dedication …I respect your ways of hunting …Awesome videos as always and please keep up the good content …

  9. Clay, so close. Finally someone that is ethical and understands the importance of giving the animal a sporting chance. Can't wait for day 7!

  10. I'll add to the comments below. This is true hunting! Hands down. Not the YouTube glory of the kill. Your's is the only channel i know of that truly places the hunt above the kill. stand proud!

  11. I think we might be related. I'm found wearing crocs and capote on occasion. Great video 🎯 👍

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