Recurve Bow Hunting Whitetail Deer 2015 – Toth

Recurve Bow Hunting Whitetail Deer 2015 – Toth

29 Replies to “Recurve Bow Hunting Whitetail Deer 2015 – Toth”

  1. All she knew was that something bit her, and now she's dizzy with some chest pain. Excellent shot, homeboy.

  2. I notice all you guy shoot bob lees. I'm in the market for another bow. Are they the best in you opinion? Have guy shot other brands? Great hunt. great channel!

  3. 1:20 i knew she easnt goin far the way that tail was goin! clear indication of a great shot. love your guys' videos, keep up the good work!

  4. Nice shot Toth! just wanted to let you guys know it's nice to be able to get done with Football practice and come back to my dorm and watch your videos! I hunt 4D and I don't get much archery hunting done because of college ball but your videos make it a little easier to bare haha Goodluck this last week in the rut!

  5. Great video guy! I was wondering a few things that i wondered if you could answer. I am also a heavy whitetail hunter of all seasons and am into a bit of small game. Is the land that you hunt on private? i see the amount of work and production you guys have and do and are wondering if you have any tips on keeping the deer on your land and keeping them healthy and able to grow without being shot down every season(thanks to poaching farmers)? thanks for your time and great channel

  6. Nice shot! Your guys channel is great. 🙂 and that little Buck is going to be a nice buck in a few years, he's already pretty wide. Can already tell he will be a dandy.

  7. Hey, do you guys like shooting does with fawns? I hunt too and I shot a doe with a fawn. (I'm still youth) I felt so bad because the fawn literally kept coming back around 20 yards just watching us. You guys think it's okay?

  8. Great traditional kills! I picked up a recurve after watching your videos. Do you set up lower for traditional?

  9. I love the vids trapping vids are going to start soon can't wait I filled a doe tag to in pa got 2 more deer tags

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