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  1. Another good tip on stringing the bow would be to not let go of the hoop ends of the string. If let go you lose the twists in the string.
    When not in use I interlock the loops and just fold the string in my case.

  2. Wayne I apologise if you've seen this but it you haven't check this guy out! its another level lol



  3. That's a beauty, I loved my 3 piece recurve but then I got an all in one wood/carbon fibre hybrid recurve which you don't have to put together loved the speed of just string it and shoot. So much lighter aswell.

  4. Wow when you were talking about the recurve. I never thought of it being so high tech. It looks like an amazing piece of gear. The one I have looks like a old stinky piece of poo lol compared to yours. Of course mine only cost me about $20 u.s. dollars. I found I at a second hand store. It is fiberglass that also breaks down. Anticipating how well you will be shooting that you may have to change your YouTube name to Sgt. Robin. Sorry just having a bit of fun with you. Anyway I hope you enjoy your bow. Thanks for sharing. Happy shooting. God bless and stay safe.

  5. love it another great vid i used to be quite good with a bow not so much now need a bit more practice

  6. An priceless skill your working on learning archery. I've been considering this also but am not sure if I should start with a Recurve or a Compound bow. It amazes me that such an ancient weapon can be so high tech yet still remains the same. I love it and it will one day replace firearms once again judging the state of affairs in our world today.

  7. That a cool bow there mate I can see why you sent the wife out to work @ £500 lol looking forward to seeing it in action.
    What Snugpak top are you wearing ?? I seen a few on there website just woundered what they are like ( not that they wont be lol ) and how warm there are for being outdoors.
    All the best Pete

  8. Ooooo…. Pretty bow
    With all the trimmings 🙂
    Not a bad bow at all
    It's one of the beginners bow in the upper range for target work
    Nicely put in about not dry firing very important, and yes it can shatter the limbs
    Happy trails

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