27 Replies to “Recurve Bow Kill – Swamp Doe”

  1. I Just have to tell you that you are such a nice Guy. I like all those thinks which you are saying after haunting. Good luck to you 👍

  2. Not sure if I just missed what broadhead you are using or if you mentioned it but Vortex Broadheads are back in business if you didnt know and would like some. I remember you talked about them in your old school video. If you need anymore information about them feel free to ask me. Great video.

  3. 2019 is my goal for a re curve deer. Thinking maybe bring my compound just in case. Here in N.H. you sit a lot of hrs. sometimes. Great video !

  4. good shooting ….still waiting on my new martin panther to come in…got it in 55 lb mostly for slinging shots to train my shoulder and back muscles for the 80lb apa king cobra but who knows, if I get good with it, may hunt this upcoming 2019 season with it some…you make it look easy

  5. Nice kill, still no kill for me this year, but then again I haven't been out to much. Keep the videos coming.

  6. Very nice! I also enjoyed your recent podcast on Taditional Outdoors.

    Curious as to what type of climbing method you use?

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