7 Replies to “Recurve Bow Limb Alignment the Basics”

  1. Your videos are out of focus which makes them very uncomfortable to watch. Gave up on this one less than a minute in!

  2. I've been driving myself crazy trying to get it spot on! Any tips for ensuring you are looking at the bow square on? I sit down to reduce wobble, close one eye, try to not see one side of the riser more than the other but I'm still not convinced I'm square to the bow. Am I overthinking this, I mean I'm no Woojin so as long as its close enough…..?

    EDIT: typo

  3. I saw you show how to check limb alignment but I did not see you actually adjust the alignment so this would not be very helpful to a lot of beginners….

  4. Great video!
    Could you do a review on your Beiter plunger ,
    Because I am looking to get one and I need to know about it before I spend the money , thanks!

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