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  1. Don't know if you are aware: You can use a PATTERNING BIT to cut out your form. The edges will be exactly as your template and perfectly square. First remove most of the waste with a band saw, then use the patterning bit. Takes 30 seconds.

  2. When I use both top and bottom of form on dry fit up, the thickness of laminates (+- 5/16") severely affects fitment in the radius area. I've adjusted the "top" form dimension to fit but prefer to just use bottom form with clamping. Gonna use the template and router method next time, looks more consistent than what I've been doing. Checkin out more of your vajeo's!

  3. Nice vid, cheers I've made my own before, but yours has some nice tricks that' I've not seen before 🙂

  4. i would make a pattern from 1/4 inch ply. Then use it as a template to router the rest of the 3/4" plywood using a flush cutter. This way there is no sanding and the face of the mold is perfectly square.

  5. That's pretty neat!! I like how you showed how to interlock the top and bottom of the form with the sliding pieces. Thanks for sharing!!

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