24 Replies to “Recurve Bow Rabbit Hunting PA 2012-2013”

  1. to all yall makin fun o red necks and calling hunter killers maybe you should try it some time anybody can shoot a bow on a video game but it takes a man to be able to go out in the woods and actually shoot one with your own sight and judgment archery is one of the top past times in the world from japan to the U.S. and everywhere in between and hitting a target like a rabbit or squirrel is really hard with a recurve

  2. Great video, thank you. Rabbits in the brush are tough targets, but a lot of fun with a bow. You've got a good eye, they aren't easy to spot on bare ground. Thanks for sharing.


  3. why do you use camo and orang at same time ? i dont understand . you dont want they see you but you want to be see ? ?????

  4. Y not cut the recordings to a scene that shows u getting a kill instead of Walking around getting nothing except branches and seriously…taking a shot on a flying pheasant with a bow -__-

  5. Do you think they might see you in your bright orange, oh no its the Tango man sneaking up on us again ruuuuuun!!! lol 😉

  6. You guys are a bunch of loosers hunting you scare them away whistling I'm 13 years old and I've shot 8 rabbits 3 pheasants 1 turkey and 5 deer with the recurve bow! I have a 55# kodiak magnum

  7. I commend your persistence in hunting with a traditional hunting tool.. Most give up but those misses add up to a kill. I hunt with a slingshot so I know the challenges you face  and it makes the kills more rewarding.

  8. I've hunt with a bow my whole life being Native American my advice is to bring up the bow and draw before you whistle

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