Recurve Bow strings Fast Flight vs 8125

Recurve Bow strings Fast Flight vs 8125

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  1. I'm more interested in why you can't draw 46 lbs. As a hunting only Archer that only shoots a Target when it's deer, turkey, or hog shaped if baffles me. Most women and teens I know 45 lb is a minimum before you chase white tail.

  2. In a sport where consistency is a major factor why do you not measure your braceheight. The brace height can have a impact on the tuning of your bow. Too high and it can stiffen your arrow and too low it can make it weaker thus affecting your grouping. Also I was not aware that a higher brace height could increase the poundage if your limbs, I will have to google that fact.

  3. Your presentation is spot on and your channel is an amazing wealth of archery knowledge. You deserve more upvotes!

  4. You need to measure arrow speed at mid range as well as just before the target
    . Heavier projectiles loose less speed than light if the drag is equal. Different makes/styles of arrows will have different drag co-effients. The bottom line is that you are trying to get the shortest flight time (least time for wind affect) for accuracy

  5. im sorry, but do you have a medical condition that you cant pull a 46 pound bow? I started shooting a bear grizzly at the age of 12 that was 45 pounds.

  6. Just a thought, W&W warn that low stretch strings (low creep give you a clue) are to be avoided, as they can damage limbs. Hoyt controls this area by stating that you can only use Hoyt supplied strings warranty wise and those are FF+.

    Too strong a string and you lose the cushioning that the string needs to give the limbs.
    Elastic stretch Dyneema products SK75 have around a 3.6% elastic elongation,
    452X and BC-X that is reduced to 2.5%
    Fury it is 2.7%.
    SK 90 and SK99 Dyneema have reduced stretch 2.7" and 3%.

    For your HOYT limbs, you should be using Hoyt made strings and that is how they protect themselves from limb failures caused by
    inappropriate strings. Failure can take 1, 2 or three years to happen.

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  8. I'd like you to do a video on the stealth shot system fitted to recurve. And actually is there a great difference with are without the stealth shot system fitted to a recurve

  9. please in case you have tested for target shooting not just for speed. have you noticed the fast flight is more forgiving?

  10. to compensate for poundage get foam or carbon limbs that are as short as possible and the lightest arrow setup you can be consistent with

  11. How do you like the Win&Win WT vibration dampener? I'm looking at buying a pair for my bow to quiet it down. Is it worth the money? W&W says it's made out of plastic…. is that a draw back in any way to you or is it a quality dampener?

  12. Some of the Olympic archers I've been watching wouldn't be able to run Marathons – they'd have a job running to the end of the street 😉

  13. I've always noticed fast flight plus to be about the same as the bcy8125g, but I tend not to use the ffp because Brownell is so vague about the materials they use. You should try the 8190 material, personally I don't like it but many find it to be a tad faster. My personal favorite is the angel majesty thread, it's really something different compared to all to other threads and supposedly Is also one of the fastest, and for me also the quietest.

    Ps. I dont think that th Koreans use Brownell fast flight plus, form what I have heard they use the original fast flight, which is not sold anymore since they started to use the material for bulletproof vests.

  14. down range the lighter arrow may give up more of its speed than the heavier arrow due to physics.. do the same test at 50 or 60m

  15. ive noticed in a few of your previous videos that you say that you keep all the bows you own, you should do a video about them and how the sport has changed!

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