Recurve Bow Turkey Hunt

Recurve Bow Turkey Hunt

30 Replies to “Recurve Bow Turkey Hunt”

  1. That was perfect! Congrats and Great job! I've shot them with compounds but never tried recurve or longbow, it is on my bucket list! Beautiful shot!

  2. really nice shot , I'am still chasing my first turkey I have a good feeling for tomorrow morning  lol

  3. Great video and shot. Some archers don't realize how hard it is to punch a hole in a turkey with large broadheads out of a recurve, but large broadheads can sure takem down quick.  Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your video. I'm planning on taking my first turkey this spring here in Texas.  Did you walk off your shot? How far was it?  I've been shooting 20 yds getting ready. Hopefully I'll be able to take a tom as nice as yours.

  5. This is text book Turkey bow hunting. The best that can be done. Clean and accurate kill shot. Nicely done sir.

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