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  1. @Damico07 yes this is true but i was just pointing out the fact that a 35 pound bow can hunt things people think you need the fastest and strongest bows possible to hunt im just saying that that is not true at all but yes state laws differ so yeah

  2. @blorchdude4 it depends on what state….wisconsin is 35 and illinois is 40 it just depends on where you are

  3. Another Tip: Lean slightly forward when you shoot. I've the feeling that I get better results by doing that. Lean into it 🙂
    And yet another Tip: You use two diffrent kinds of arrows. Thats perfectly finde, but…Dont mix them while shooting. Every kind of arrow behaves differently. If you mix them, you wont get balanced results. Arrows with longer feathers wont fly as far as arrows with long feathers. If you mix them…lets just say, dont do that if you want perfect shots in a row 😉

  4. Tip: Place your arrows right next beside you, so you dont have to move to pick a new one up. If you can keep your exact position, your results are more balanced. And with well-balanced shooting results you can find out the differences between shots. If you move between two shots, and one shot is great and the other one messed up, you would have no way of knowing why those two shots are so different. Keep a steady position and dont move between shots 🙂 Sorry for my bad english

  5. da trick with hiting what you want is, aim just below what you want t hit, coz the arrow allways goes up a bit.

  6. Varying range and position of target is excellent advice, also very good advice about breathing.SLOW DOWN i would have put 2 arrows in the target in the time it took you to put 9 in. I think i see some 'fishtailing' as u loose the arrows, grip on the bow too tight, but the more tired u get the looser it will get! which means, try to relax from the start. i love that u r achieving reasonable groupings without a sight, way to go, the best shots are the instinctive ones! post an update some time…

  7. Hi! good grouping but none of them are a clear kill. I've been hunting rabbits at ranges of forty to sixty yards in the uk for some years now, please allow me to offer some advice. From your style and type of target i'm guessing you want to hunt with it, fabulous. Act like a hunter, every time you shoot, there is no such thing as 'practice'. Wear what you would wear, position your arrows so that you don't have to move your feet to get one (very important)

  8. nice shooting
    TIP: take your time to shoot. relax, get steady and dont grip your bow tight
    only holding should really be in the thumb and index finger.

  9. Lol im a bit of a chatter box, when you sight focus on something precise, a dot the size of your thumb nail or somthing. relax your fingers to release, dont jerk them, let the string slip away. use MULTIPLE targets at DIFFERENT RANGES, POSITIONS AND ANGLES. this allows you to develope your instinctive shooting ability, rather than your mental calculative one. no less than four. eg, one five meters, one ten, one fifteen one twenty.

  10. also, make sure you use your dominant eye, find an anchor point and sighting style which work for you. try different drawing styles, Japanese, mongolian, western etc. and when you sight, contentrate completely, feel yourself doing each shot, as silly as it sounds, it improves your accuracy, all archers know this. only use extras like sights and stabilisers if you want to, i dont, i hate them, they ruin the vibe. i use a bow, arrows, quiver, glove, thats it.

  11. Very nice, only tips i have are, inhale as you nock, begin exhalation as you draw and site, once finished exhaling, fire, this way your body is still and harmonious as you release, it takes some getting used to but works. dont hold your breath tho breath natural as UNKLBGTN said. try not to wear baggy clothes. draw with your back muscles as well, pull your shoulder blades together. i find bicep curls and push ups help for high pound trad bows. remember to relax and enjoy.

  12. Lookin good! The only thing I see is that you have quite a bit of limb tip movement just before your release. This will throw the shot left or right a little. Are you gripping the bow a little tight? Still, looks good and only 2 flyers in that group. As far as I;m concerned, that's a dead deer when the time comes!

  13. If you have suggestions on my form or release etc,etc,etc please leave a comment.I have been getting some great tips from the guys on tradgang.

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